Monday, 12 September 2011

And the mouse police never sleeps

Reasons why you shouldn't go barefoot into the barn, No.435.
I only had to nip out to the freezer to get something for my tea. I couldn't find either socks or slippers and there was no way I was going to put my bare feet in a pair of wellies that get more unpleasant with each passing day.

As I was about to open the freezer door, I felt something moist, squishy and a bit furry under my toes. Looking down, I felt at least some of my appetite drain away.

"Oh triffick, a headless rabbit."

Frida, now top cat on the "farm" since Trevor handed in his dinner pail, likes to leave something hanging around for a snack to fill the gaps between the four square meals she has a day. Still, mustn't grumble.

With the possible exception of Mrs Pig Farmer and Molly the sow, she's the hardest working member of the household and mice are a rare sight around the place while rabbits have to keep their heads down or face the consequences.

Which isn't bad for a little feral cat who turned up one night a couple of years ago, bedding down next to a totally unconcerned old Kim in the pig shed before deciding she was going to live in the barn.

She steers clear of the dogs - who wouldn't? - and rarely ventures into the house, finding it pretty much impossible to settle when she does. But she seems to like my company and, while most farmers/crofters have a dog that follows them around the fields, I have a cat.

There are times when I think I can't do anything right.

And here's the song.


Anonymous said...

Cats are great following(sometimes leading) companions.
Word to the wise, though: be wary of any cat that tries to jump into your arms while you're carrying firewood across a fallen-log-bridge.Especially after heavy rain.

And welcome home to Blogger if it means more writing!

Z said...

She'd largely prepared the rabbit for tea too. All you had to do was skin and cook it.

elizabethm said...

Hi and welcome back! We too have a hunting cat who tends to leave headless corpses about the place. He follows me around outside too. Maybe the two go together?