Saturday, 4 September 2010

It's cuteness time again

The pig farmer strolled into the pigshed on Monday morning, whistling a happy tune, full of the joys of late August and so on.

Little Kim - due to farrow on Friday - was having a lie-in, the black and white cliff-face of her back to the door.

There was a little blood near her back end. "Uh-oh," thought the pig farmer, hurriedly clambering over the wall and discovering that Little Kim had been full of surprises. Twelve of them, to be exact.

They were all clean and feeding well, getting that all-important first milk. Despite this being her first litter, Little Kim had done everything by herself. Pigs never cease to impress and amaze me.

As the piglets tucked in, mum gave a little grunt and the second afterbirth slithered out (sows give birth in two batches) and I made myself feel a little less redundant by cleaning up before putting food out for Little Kim and introducing the little ones to the heat lamp and cosy, clean straw where they settled in for a snooze.

As the week's gone on, they've grown in strength and confidence and now, at five days old, they are exploring the shed and even trying out Little Kim's food.

The video is all-too short and the quality a bit ropey - what do you expect from a secondhand mobile phone? - and the sound in the background is Little Kim enjoying her breakfast. Pigs may be amazing, but they have no table manners.


elizabethm said...

Always good to keep up with the doings of Little Kim. What a girl.

I, Like The View said...


I love the way their stripes are all different widths

hope you had a great summer! I had a half of Sharp's Orchard and tipped you a nod from the other end of the country


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You're like Jesus with your twelve little disciples. If you hadn't told me that the background noise was of Little Kim eating I'd have put money on it being Wayne Rooney with one of his bimbos.