Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rogue male

He knows, the clever little bastard.

Every time I turn a corner there he is, about three or four yards away, keeping one exceptionally beady eye on me, judging the distance perfectly, absolutely confident the pig farmer has neither the speed nor the agility to catch him.

He's the last of the holdouts, the Outlaw Josey Wales of the chicken world. If he had a middle digit he would undoubtedly raise it skyward in scorn at farmers in general and small-time pig farmers in particular.

Much as I loved having hens all over the place, they were becoming more numerous and a threat to our veg garden - not to mention the fact that there was chicken shit everywhere.

So I built a hen run next to the small stone building which until recently had been a winter pig house. I'm pretty pleased with it - it's got a gate and everything.

Biting down my terror of chickens, I grabbed hold of the 17 hens one by one and transferred them to their new quarters. Most seemed happy enough. That left the five cockerels.

Adam - the oldest of the bunch and as close to a nice guy as cockerels get - was tempted into the hen run and quickly settled in. I caught two of the young ones and pulled their necks. Another was allowed in with the hens and behaved himself well enough to earn a reprieve.

Which leaves us with Josey Wales.

Reckon I'm gonna need to round me up a posse.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I assume you've seen Nick Park's "Chicken Run"? Be warned for the poultry might be revolting under the leadership of that renegade cock!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Malc, it might be a good idea to add that third rooster as 2 will only fight.For some reason, they seem less threatened when more than 2.A bit like young lads, really.

Dave said...

Tee hee.

I, Like The View said...

Yorkshuire Pud stole my line!

perhaps you could take evening classes in lassoo techniques (would come in useful when it's time for the pot, too!)

Arabella said...

You could try singing 'Git Along Little Dogies'....

Anonymous said...

Me again...they are all being frivolous! I'm serious, chum. Having being injured in a multi-cock battle (oh, go away, fellas!)I know whereof I speak.

Zig said...

A large butterfly/fishing net?
Seriously though Malc, I can attest to Di's wisdom and can tell you that my daughter whilst doing a stint in A&E was there when a farmer had to have more than a few stitches from trying to break up a cockfight not to mention the £100+ he paid the vet on the way in to stitch up his border collie.

Anna said...

I have just found your wonderful blog via a friend. I bought my husband a couple of Saddlebacks for Christmas last year with a view to some tasty bacon sandwiches but he couldn't bear to eat them. They did a real good job of getting rid of the nettles then turned their pig pen into a garden with posh lettuce and the like.I will have to ration myself to reading all your back postings as the guests will have to do without their breakfasts if I don't.
Anna- www.carrhousefarm.co.uk

Gin said...

I think you're right...a posse is probably the only answer...or a gun!