Saturday, 8 May 2010

New faces

The last chords of Led Zep's Misty Mountain Hop died away and I heard the clicking of trotters on concrete behind me.

I removed the earphones and turned around to see a little ginger pig looking very hopefully at the bucket I was holding.

We had one of those "What the hell are you doing here? How the f**k did you get out?"-"Groink" conversations as I led her back to the shed, unbolted the barrier, put food on the floor and let her in. I tied a pallet to the barrier for extra height and bolted it back on.

Annie the Tamworth gilt is our latest acquisition, the hope being that she'll produce lots of little Tamworth/Saddleback cross piglets. Tamworths have a reputation for being lively - skittish even - and very vocal. On neither score does Annie disappoint. It's an interesting contrast with her room-mates, the laid-back Saddlebacks Martha, Aretha and Tina.

Four of our ducks have been sitting on eggs for a while now and yesterday, the most attentive of them hissed like hell at me when I went over to give her some food. Sure enough, there was just a glimpse of a couple of little yellow fluffy balls under her. I'll be making a duck nursery today.

And, finally, Dotty the mare - now with my stepdaughter Amy in Essex - had her foal this week. Touchstone Optimistic, a colt, arrived on Wednesday night and is big and healthy.

He's called Smarty Pants - that's going to take a bit of living down in the playground.

Here he is with Dotty and Amy.


Dave said...

Nature. Isn't it wonderful?

I, Like The View said...

*happy happy sigh*

I soooooooooo envy you


hope all the new arrivals are doing well

elizabethm said...

We have a hen sitting on eggs now. I can't see that she is eating and drinking despite being taken off the eggs every day. Presumably she won't starve herself. That would not be very efficient of nature.

ziGGi said...

ahhhh, also so sweet... and productive, you won't go hungry this winter Malc!

Frith said...

Despite planting as many edibles as we can at our house, the livestock we raise is purely ornamental - baby robins, in a nest on the downspout over our front door. They're just about fledged and ready to leave us. This is our fourth clutch in that same spot (we lost two to crows) in as many years and I feel like a proud mum every time...
I've been watching for updates - good to hear your livestock are doing their thing!