Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sleigh bells and sandwiches

Mrs Pig Farmer was off to Edinburgh and she had plans. "We can go out on the Sunday and have a picnic," she said, happily ignoring all relevant weather forecasts.

Oh deary me. Don't you just love an optimist?

Sal is training for a new role at work and that involves three of four sessions of a week or so at Edinburgh University. She travelled down on Monday and I'm joining her on Friday.

It'll be just the thing as I've not been at my best since Hogmanay.

Maybe it's the sight of David Cameron prancing around like he's already in charge without going to the trouble of asking us if it's all right.

Maybe it's the knowledge that I'm never likely to have a sporting year as good as 2009 (Ireland's rugby Grand Slam, Wolves' promotion to the Premier League, Wolves speedway team winning their league, the pig farmer beating his son at pool).

Or maybe it's just lingering disappointment at a 48th consecutive Christmas where I didn't get Scalextric.

So I'm packing my bags - or I will once my freshly-Dazzed undies have stopped steaming on the radiators. At least, I hope that's steam, you know what they say about pants on fire and nobody likes singeing around the gentleman's zone.

Tomorrow I depart on the 8.55am ferry to Kirkwall where my wonky knee (now pretty much numb thanks to Dr Karl's painkillers) will be examined. Once the team of experts from the Mainland have taken the scaffolding down, the day is pretty much my own. I will probably spend it window shopping for power tools. How times have changed.

Assuming I'm not snowed in, I'll be on the Friday lunchtime flight to Edinburgh where The Boy has bought tickets for Saturday's Scottish Cup tie between Hibs and Irvine Meadow, who appear to be a North Ayrshire Sunday League side whose name got into the bag for the draw by accident. Even Hibs can't mess this one up.

Some old mates are escaping from England (snow permitting) for a couple of days of light refreshment in some of Edinburgh's finest tearooms next week, but first I have to get Sunday's trip out of the way.

I'll get the snow shoes and a Thermos.


elizabethm said...

Oh no, who is looking after the pigs? You will have me worrying now. Hope you have a great time. Sometimes a little escape is what you need.

Dave said...

We won the Ashes last year too. Fancy forgetting.

I, Like The View said...

I think you should just buy yourself the Scalextric!

hope you have fun with your mates/The Boy (and manage to avoid the billboards with DC's face on them)

Lindsay said...

Hope the fotball matches are not snowed off.

Rog said...

I hope you don't end up regretting not spending the air fare on a Scalextric.

Cathy said...

Why not extend that flight a 'little' bit and come on down to the Far South - south of the Equator.
You'd need to pack your sunhat and sunscreen 'cose its going to be 30c plus for the next week - and theres cricket on the radio as well as the TV lol
Take care
ps Who is going to mind the animals whilst you are both away?

Richard said...

I'm on 48 without a Scalextric as well. Bummer isn't it.

zIggI said...

hmmmm have you/did you make it - looking at the weather map of Scotland I'd guess not . . .

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"nobody likes singeing around the gentleman's zone"... hang on - what about the failed Christmas day bomber on that Delta flight to Detroit? Judging from the photos, he may have blown his testicles away. Poor fellow but at least he needn't waste any more time in idle fantasy now - the curse of the planet's entire testicled male population. Perhaps you can look out for a new power tool for the Nigerian bomber!

Malc said...


Pat, my stepson, is in charge at the "farm". I can't think why I felt it necessary to get away - now I'm in Edinburgh, I can't wait to get back. No pleasing some people.


I find I have to work really hard to maintain my interest in cricket these days, but beating the Aussies is always worth recording.


Now there's an idea. Or maybe a train set laid out around the edge of the barn.


It looks like the Hibs game is going ahead, although it's snowing right now.


Actually, I don't. Edinburgh is a great place.


Maybe one of these days, although Mrs Pig Farmer has a hankering for Cuba if we ever go on a long haul.


A man after my own heart.


Aha! Yes I did. I'm just off our for a pint in the Oxford Bar, then it's off to Leith for the game.


Sometimes a good singeing is well deserved.

Arabella said...

You can't beat a Scottish high tea.

My husband has two titanium knees and is very popular at airports....