Friday, 15 January 2010

Cabin pressure

"We are currently about 30 miles south of Wick and will soon begin our descent to Kirkwall. The knocking sound you can hear on the fuselage is ice coming off the propellers. The aircraft body there is triple thickness so there is no need to worry, this is perfectly normal."

The pig farmer removed his nose from his book, having been previously oblivious to any knocking sounds, perfectly normal or otherwise.

The descent was on the bumpy side, but no worse than the bus ride from Edinbirgh city centre out to the airport.

The landing, however, was way more interesting. A 40mph south-easterly with 60mph gusts meant we had to swing over West Mainland and head in to the airport over Kirkwall town, the pilot taking us in almost sideways before straightening up only a few feet above the ground.

As a rule, I'm neither a nervous flyer nor a religious man, but there was a brief "if you're up there" moment before wheels made contact with tarmac.

As we left the plane the pilot emerged from the cockpit looking for all the world as if he does this sort of thing every day. . . which I suppose he does.


smart said...

Glad to hear to landed safely. How was the boat trip to Westray?

Arabella said...

Gulp. Was there an orderly line to hug the pilot?