Friday, 18 December 2009

Unlucky for some?

I'm not a superstitious man, so I'm not worried in the slightest that Molly has just produced 13 piglets.

You have to hand it to pigs, they make next-to-no fuss about the whole giving birth thing. Maybe they're just better designed than humans.

I checked Molly about 10.30pm at which point she was only too happy to tuck into a snack of raw tatties. A further inspection at 1.15am revealed six piglets already getting stuck in to the milk and an hour later Molly had fired out another seven.

The pig "farmer" fussed around with warm water, Dettol and towels. I tried steering the piglets towards the teats, but gave up when it became apparent they were finding them quicker when I left well alone.

So now it's coffee, a very quiet kitchen, half-hourly checks and wondering how Molly's going to cope when they're a bit bigger.


Jimmy Bastard said...

When you finish your day and you return to your kitchen the night, sit back, kick off your boots my friend, and toast yourself with a large glass.

Forget the rich trappings of city tinsel and bundles of dusty loot under the stairs Malc. You my friend are actually living the dream of contentment with life that every man deserves.

Excuse me if I feel a little proud of your fine achievments masel.

Lindsay said...

I should not worry about Molly - she's a woman therefore she can multi-task!

Dave said...

How many months for 13? Boycott would be proud.

smart said...

Congratulations Malc

I, Like The View said...

that's brilliant

many congrats to all involved

now perhaps we'll never see the " " again


Rog said...

You can take the Ham out of Wolverhampton ... actually that would only work if you moved to Milton Keynes. And there's two names for the piggies already!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Wonderful news. I love your blog, it's a welcome respite from politics and I wish you & Mrs Pig Farmer all the very best for 2010.

elizabethm said...

Impressive! Clearly a tribute to your husbandry.

Z said...

So you did all the work while Molly relaxed?

Congratulations all round, glad it didn't take all night Christmas Eve.

Malc said...


Dusty loot? I knew I'd left something behind when we left England. I'll be having a quiet one or three while I watch the Wolves tomorrow lunchtime.


Molly's a star. Like all Saddleback sows, she's a terrific mum. I can multi-task. I can drink beer and watch football at the same time.


Touche. Three months, three weeks, three days - pigs are very organised like that.


Aren't you glad Shelley didn't have 13 - think of the Christmas presents.


Nice of you to say so, but still not sure I'm ready to be described as a proper farmer. I'll think about it.


Which reminds me of the Bill Bailey story about Marilyn Manson getting a 'Milton Keynes' chant going before a gig. Surreal.


No, a tribute to Molly's fecundity.


I just flapped about a bit and cleaned up gooey stuff.

Richard said...

Well done, Molly. Has she earned a rest now?

I would like to say I'm 100% envious of your bucolic paradise but I think I'd prefer it in summer.

Malc said...

Goodnight Vienna

Happy New Year to you too.


December has been a terrific month - the weather throughout 2009 has been consistently better than south. Having said that, it's blowing a freezing cold northerly today, bringing in frozen rain and snow.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Congratulations on the birth of your thirteen new babies. Seeing a litter of piglets tucking in to mother's milk on a bed of fresh straw in a dry farm building is a lovely sight to behold.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Congratulations all round