Friday, 25 December 2009

Cum On Feel The Noize

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a bit of Slade - not in our house anyway.

But rather than put up Merry Christmas as last year, here are the lads in all their magnificence with THIS absolute nugget from the early 70s when Wolves were winning the League Cup and getting to UEFA Cup finals.

Dave Hill had just been to the souvenir shop at the Tutenkhamun exhibition.

Happy Christmas again.


Arabella said...

Hope 'the plan' is going nicely. Merry Christmas!

Geoff said...

Noddy doesn't think much of Simon Cowell.

Good for Noddy.

Daphne said...

Merry Christmas! I remember Slade always being regarded as a kind of novelty group - - but they've kinda lasted and hurrah for them!

Betty said...

I wonder how many times Dave Hill has had to explain to people "no, it warr me uz said "IT'S CHRIIISTMAS!" in that song mate"?

Best of the season to you.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Did they all dress like that in Whampton in the seventies? No wonder it's the fashion capital of the northern hemisphere!...But seriously Slade were a great live band. I saw thenm once at The Great Western Festival in Lincolnshire (1971) and they blew everybody else away.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Malc! You're making me feel my years!

Malc said...


Plan was derailed just a little by Mrs Pig Farmer's cold, but we did our best.


You can't see those two getting on. I might watch X Factor if Noddy was a judge.


*Sharp intake of breath*. Novelty act? That's controversial. And yes, they've lasted. Don Powell and Dave Hill are still touring. Isle of Man tomorrow night, Stoke on Tuesday.


437. Season's greetings right back at ya.


They dress like that in Wolverhampton now, never mind the 70s. It's something they put in the Banks's bitter. Slade were indeed a tremendous live act.


Good years though.

I, Like The View said...

merry xmas to all on the very edge of nowhere from

I,LTV & Mini-Teen, Teen Too, The Teen


KAZ said...

I was far to grown up for this in the early seventies.
But it's just fine now.

Richard said...

I used to prat about in the garden with a big tie and a tennis racquet. Top bloke, Noddy.

Sian said...

Noddy is still one of my heroes and it's not Christmas till That Song is on the radio. He appears regularly on Mark Radcliffe/Stuart Maconie's show on Radio 2 and is still Brill...