Friday, 6 November 2009

It's a gas

Rain was dripping off the roof and down the back of Pat's neck as he manhandled the big orange gas bottle into position.

The pig "farmer" was on torch duty as his knee had inflated like a Montgolfier brothers invention after too much driving the previous week followed by a piglet-related incident. He wasn't about to risk the "I told you so" of Mrs P"F".

Next job was to take the attachment off the empty bottle and put it on the new one. "Have you got a spanner?"

Search through tool box followed, revealing any number of spanners. Guess what. Not one of them would fit. Resisting the temptation to have a rant along the lines of "why the hell does nobody, including me, put anything away?" I searched the workshop and found a monkey wrench. Couldn't get that to work either. Presumably it's great for monkeys, but not so good for gas bottles.

With the rain trickling down our backs, we skipped straight through to plan Z - ring Electric Eric and borrow spanner. The "farmer" took a few minutes to get his unbendable knee into the car and drove very carefully (it was taking several seconds to switch foot from throttle to brake, making any kind of emergency stop impossible) down to pick up the spanner.

On return, the job was done in seconds, tea was back on the stove, leaving only the question: "Why the bloody hell does the gas never run out in daylight?"


smart said...

Why the bloody hell does the gas never run out in daylight?

It's the Law of Sod ;)

It must be good to be back.


Anonymous said...

Yep! Sod's Law.

And I see that word verif is ghess

Rog said...

Why not go onto mains gas? ;->

I, Like The View said...

this must be the exception that proves the rule explained by the statement entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

(something to do with a man's shaving equipment, I understand)

zIggI said...

same reason the boiler only breaks when it's November!

Richard said...

Hint: I used to change gas bottles a lot when I did a temp job for a mobile shower hire company. Get 2 spanners, put one in your kitchen behind the door and one in a watertight plastic bag and hang it round the regulator. Do it now. You might even find that now you're prepared, the gas will always run out during daylight and after it's stopped raining. And your pigs will start to sprout feathers.

Sian said...

I have two gas bottles with a nifty switch between them, so when the gas runs out of one I can just nip outside and switch to the other bottle, thereby not interrupting dinner and leaving spanner duty till daylight!