Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hands off

After all these years I can't believe how angry I could be over one game of football. Too angry, in fact, to write anything coherent about it.

This is the bit where I tried to put a video up, only to find it had been pulled off Youtube - something to do with copyright, they say. Read this instead.

Anyway, if you saw it you'll know. If you didn't, let's just say he might as well have picked the ball up and thrown it in the goal.

Cheating, cheating bastard.

Sorry, I know it's another one about football. We'll get back to 'animals do the most mildly amusing things' in due course.


Dave said...

I suspect (don't watch it myself, but follow the news enough to know about what you are talking) that football isn't a gentleman's game these days.

Imagine a cricket player, golfer or the like not owning up to an indescretion!

KAZ said...

I won't be answering his calls when I'm in Barcelona.

Donn said...

But it "hit" his hand whaddayagonnado?

Soccer would be an awesome game without visually challenged referees and archaic rules concerning hands. There would be waaaay more goals and it would more fun for the fans :)

Geoff said...

Football is full of cheats. I suppose we expect the gifted players to be above it all. But I suppose it comes naturally when winning is all that matters.

Malc said...

The best part of 24 hours later and I'm all but over it - Henry's pet rabbit Robespierre is safe.

Geoff's right, you kind of expect great players to be above that kind of stuff, least of all when it's someone who at times has elevated football to an art form.

But this handball carry-on isn't funny at all. . . except when it happens to England, of course.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Don't get me started pal. There was a near riot in my local last night after he handled that ball.

dinahmow said...

The (RU) Man saw it on TV news and said something like "cheeky bugger!"

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Q. Where does Thierry Henri like to go for his holidays?
Answer - Irelhand

What did he say to Gallas after the match?
"I've got to hand it to you William. That was a good goal!"

I, Like The View said...

even I saw this covered on the telebox thing

shocking behaviour

Richard said...

Liam Brady more or less predicted it last week in the Independent. I wish I could find the article. When The Republic play France they're always playing 12

zIggI said...


twas awful he's not one of my favourites any more and like Kaz I shall not be in to Mr Thierry any longer.