Sunday, 1 November 2009


The referee raised the red card and the sheep behind the goal went mental. Four of them left their seats and rushed to the front where they grappled with the stewards in an attempt to invade the pitch.

The rest roared their indignation and at least one missile landed on the pitch. The appearance of Lothian and Borders Constabulary's finest calmed things and Hibernian were able to get on with proving they were a little less hopeless than an Aberdeen side reduced to nine men by disciplinary issues.

A hundred yards or so away, in the back of the West Stand, a pig "farmer" from Orkney was commenting to his son along the lines of "there's something you don't see every day", "I think pitch invasions by farm animals can only improve the game" and "why do you suppose a dozen grown men would dress as sheep and travel from Aberdeen for football?"

This was the first time I'd been to a football game for about three years. The last ground I visited has now been demolished. I've always had a sneaking regard for Scottish football (quality issues notwithstanding) in general and Hibs in particular.

We had pints, went to the game, had pints again and mixed with the locals before calling it a night with a Chinese at around nine - a happy evening.

The same can't be said for the sheep. A man was taken to hospital in Kirkcaldy with burns after someone set his sheep costume on fire on the Edinburgh-Aberdeen train.


Anonymous said...

Well, the burning costume makes my Hibernian story pale into nothing.
(I was once silly enough to utter my admiration of Hibs in a pub full of Rangers and Celtic idiots. Thank goodness for a big, strong barman!)

mousthut is your word verif.Sounds like what I should have done, all those years ago!)

Rog said...

I didn't know burns was still alive. I hope he was OK at the Hospital.

Richard said...

Used to regularly fly up to Aberdeen back in the day and knew many who used to go to Pittodrie, this was when Sir Alex was manager. Even when they were winning things it apparently took some guts to stand there in the teeth of a howling gale and horizontal rain coming in off the North Sea.

elizabethm said...

Well I think burning the poor bugger was a bit strong.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Although quite a serious incident, the quotes fae the Aberdeen fans was a classic. "We tried to put him out, but all we had was our cans of beer".

Pure dead brilliant!

Jimmy Bastard said...

...oh and moreidlethoughts.. I'm one of those Celtic idiots. Are we are all to be tarred with the same brush in your eyes?

zIggI said...

probably friction burns

naldo said...

I once rode a pony into Pierowal for the messages. Honestly.

Oh, and on the plane fae Mainland, we were weighed and told where to sit. I sat next to the pilot and my future wife sat next to a calf in a crate.

Barry wee island.

Malc said...


Football's a very passionate game in Scotland. Sometimes it's wise for the outsider to keep quiet.


Have yopu got some sort of machine that churns these out?


I nearly froze to death last November watching Scotland v Canada rugby at Pittodrie. It's quite the coldest ground on the planet.


I have a feeling strong drink may have been involved.


I'm still laughing a week later.
And, in defence of moreidlethoughts, every team has its fair share of idiots, but I'm sure she doesn't believe every fan is a lunatic.


You've been to Aberdeen, then?


Calf in a crate. There's a joke there, but I can't think of it at the moment.