Thursday, 22 October 2009

Camping out

Little Kim was having a lie-down. Nothing unusual in that, except she was outside, behind her hut in a force seven south-easterly with intermittent, heavy rain.

Strong winds have swept the length of Westray for most of the week and, despite the temperature hovering around eight or nine degrees, you get the feeling winter is upon us. The sea has changed from blue to grey, the grass from bright green to dull grey/green/brown and the ground from dirt to mud.

All our pigs are indoors now except for Molly and Little Kim who have moved to new quarters in the top field after spending the summer over the road.

Marcus brought his tractor to move the pig arc to the top field and I positioned it facing the direction from which we get the fewest winds - south east.

This morning Little Kim emerged from her hut soaked down one side where the rain had blown in through the door all night. She wasn't happy at all, but was cheered by the arrival of breakfast and chowed down while I found an old mat which I attached to the arc as a sort of flap to keep out the worst of the rain.

It was later I saw her lying outside. She wandered over to me, gave me a welcoming shove and, as I gave her the obligatory back-rub, I worked out the problem. Little Kim is a lovely pig, a real sweetheart, but clearly she's not the sharpest chisel in the woodwork set. She hadn't worked out that she could push the flap aside to get in her hut.

I lobbed a few spuds inside the hut and held the flap open while the penny finally dropped, just in time for another wave of heavy rain.

Just before dark, I nipped out for a quick look and she was snuggled up in some new bedding - nice and dry.


mig said...

We've just installed a curtain across the back door. Our dog and cats aren't nearly as bright as your Kim. Every so often we find one lurking just behind the curtain wondering how to get in.
And the dog has absolutely no idea where the door has gone.

I, Like The View said...

a nice warm comfy bed does wonders for one's sense of well being


zIggI said...

pigs are supposed to be as intelligent as dogs aren't they? Mind you that's not actually saying much is it? :)

Malc said...


Dogs can be disappointingly dim, can't they? Have you tried a few trial runs?


I've been away from home for a week and know exactly what you mean.


Intelligent? You've not met out collie/spaniel Owen.