Monday, 14 September 2009

Football - the next generation

I'm 48. I don't think it's so very old, although my children will have their own opinions.

I am, however, becoming used to the sons of former footballers forging careers of their own - Frank Lampard the obvious example.

What I wasn't ready for was the sight of Motherwell's Tom Hateley receiving the man-of-the-match award at the end of Saturday's 0-0 draw with Rangers.

Tom is son of former Rangers and AC Milan (among others) striker Mark Hateley and the grandson of ex-Liverpool and Coventry forward Tony Hateley - who I recall being one of the prized, rare cards in our playground swop sessions (you could exchange two Jeff Astles and any number of Joe Kirkups for a Tony Hateley).

Suddenly I felt very old indeed.


KAZ said...

I notice George Best's son Calum didn't become a footballer.
He just decided he was a celebrity and laughed all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Malc - I used to party with some of greats in the 60s. (Dennis Law, if you're reading this - how do you feel about moths now?)

Oh yeah, a former All Black used to come to my birthday parties when we were 5 or 6.

I, Like The View said...

erm, don't really do footie. . .

. . .do love that new header photo tho!


Richard said...

Tony Hately as in the most transferred player ever Tony Hately. I think he'd only played for about 6 teams by the time he appeared in my set. Difficult to name many who haven't played for 6 clubs now apart from the obvious few. I'll swap you a Dick Krzwicki for a David Sadler.

I'm reading Sir Bobby's Man U years biography at the moment. Excellent, one of the best sporting biographies I've ever read. The bits about Nobby Stiles are hilarious.

zIggI said...

We are frighteningly old Malc but atleast we were only in the playground in the 60s!

(Felt very sorry for Stoke this weekend)

Malc said...


You can't help wondering how Brooklyn, Cruz and Wandsworth will do in 15 years time.


Denis Law (one n, apparently) and moths? C'mon now, tell the full story. I'll be in touch - seriously.


I know you don't "do" footie. Maybe I could convert you? When are Wolves playing at Fulham? Maybe not, though. Good pic isn't it, although today there were 30+ seals there.


Got David Sadler, but have you got Ron Springett? Steve Kember? John McAlle? I have. I also have the full El Salvador squad from the 1970 World Cup. So there.
Shankly said Hateley was one of only two players who "conned" him into signing him. The other being Wolves' Alun Evans.


Ah bless, you southerners will always feel sorry for Stoke. Those of us from the real Midlands will always know them for the fat, shaven-haired, Nazi retards they really are.

Richard said...

Goddit, goddit, not goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit. Look at him, he looks like a benny! Uurgh, Ron Harris has got your bogies on.

Being a soft southerner from Kent David Sadler was prized because he was an ex-Maidstone Utd player. You never got Gillingham players in at all. Oh, and Tony Godden who was the Baggies' goalie was an old Nut and Bolt, Ashford Town - where I grew up - player. I once caught a ball he tipped over the bar. By that time I'd stopped collecting cards though. Think my collection might still be my parents'!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Mark Hateley's main claim to fame is that he was Hull City's player manager and a right cock up he made of it too! I can also remember that Tony Hateley football card. Regarding age -remember you're only as old as the woman you feel. Why not ask your family for a pipe, tartan slippers and a cardigan with leather arm patches this Christmas? After all, it could be your last...

Daphne said...

Tennis now - - Martina Navratilova was born in the same year as me. Martina Hingis, named after her because of Navratilova's success, grew up to become a tennis champion too and has now retired.
Now THAT makes me feel old!