Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bingo Bros

It was Mr Hotel Proprietor's birthday. Strong drink had been taken.

"Whatever happened to Bros?" he asked.

"Eh? Whatthechuffineck? I've got some ripped jeans," slurred the pig "farmer", unhelpfully.

"No, it's just that their granny used to go to bingo with my mum and I wondered how they were getting on, that's all."

"Errr. . . not bad, I suspect. They'll be due for a reunion any time now, fingers crossed," I added, rallying bravely.

"Pint?" said Mr HP.

"Smashing, thanks."


Dave said...

Ah yes, that Scottish tea can be a bit strong until you get used to it.

I, Like The View said...

Bros? remind me. . .

. . .blonde quiffs?

Richard said...

I used to use the same sports centre as Boy George's mum. Correction, the same sports centre bar.

zIggI said...


now about these sheep! my ponies have gone to a friend while I'm incapacitated and my fields now runneth over, or upwards, knee high in greenery that needs chomping. sheep I've been told are just the ticket.

Malc said...


Tea, Dave. Of course it was.


Blonde, lacquered quiffs, perma-tans, very camp biker jackets and ripped jeans.


I used to drink in the same boozer in Shrewsbury as Carol Decker from T'Pau.


Sheep will do a great job of clearing any overgrown field. Ask a local farmer who should be only too happy to take the pressure off his own grazing. If you're feeling cheeky you may even be able to charge him a (very small) fee for it.

Richard said...

Malc, your Carol Decker trumps my Mrs O'Dowd.

In the early 90s my ex-wife and I went to a friend's wedding in Barnet. We somehow contrived to miss the photos and headed off for the reception at a local hotel. We stood around waiting for the rest of the party to turn up, talking to the owner for about 15 minutes. He seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Later, another friend asked me if I'd recognised the owner. "No". "Martin Chivers" he said. "Bloody hell, it is isn't it". I looked over the door on the way out and he was indeed the licensee.

Daphne said...

It worries me that I was already too old to be a Bros fan even when they were in the charts. And even that's too long ago to remember. Sighhh.