Monday, 10 August 2009

Shakin' all over

Kiwi the piglet (she's all black) couldn't stop her head wobbling. She couldn't stop her whole self wobbling as she tottered around the pen.

Further examination by the pig "farmer" revealed that all but two of the seven were shaking to one extent or another. This was something entirely new in a so-far untroubled pig-keeping career.

Were they mentally damaged? Were they differently-abled? Were they just a bit chilly?

They seemed to be feeding well (they hardly stopped for the first 24 hours), so there should have been no reason to panic, but I'm a worrier and consulting the internet is rarely a good idea - one Australian website convincing me that the whole herd would have to be slaughtered.

I slept on it. Next morning I considered calling the vet in Kirkwall, but it was Saturday, the day of Orkney's County Show and the piglets were, shaking aside, lively enough. They were getting out and about, running around and there were even a couple of fights. In many ways they were progressing quicker than previous litters.

Still worried, I stuck a query on the British Saddleback Breeders' Club forum and was guided to an article that described Congenital Tremors - a condition that occurs sometimes in Saddlebacks. The piglets' nervous systems have been damaged and will take a short while to heal. As long as they are feeding normally they should be right as rain in about four weeks.



Dave said...

Phew indeed.

Richard said...

I know how they feel

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Couldn't you knit the little piggies matching cardigans? After all, I bet you'd be shaking if you had to patrol your vast estate in the buff!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Move over Jimmy Doherty, Dr Malc is on the plot!

zIggI said...

are you sure they're just not frightened of you?!


Rog said...

Thank goodness for t'internet.

(Notice I didn't even mention the swine flu line)

elizabethm said...

You had me worried there for a minute and they are not even mine! Glad they are ok.

Sian said...

Ohhh poor babies! Glad they will get better in time though!

Anonymous said...

If you do decide to knit them warmers, may I suggest (for at least one)a black jersey with a silver fern emblem? [Although, strictly speaking the Kiwis are not The All Blacks, being 2 men short of a "proper" team ;-)]