Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wearing badges is not enough

We were having a clear-out - or rather Mrs Pig "Farmer" was. It was best to keep moving or find yourself stashed away with the mops and broomhandles.

An old shoebox revealed, among other nick-nackery, a couple of badges.

"I had that when I was 12," I said.

"I had mine when I was 12 too," she said.

"What's yours?"

"Anti-apartheid, what about you?"

"Bronze life-saving."

Our childhoods were very different.


Sarah said...

Mine was ' Today is the first day of the rest of your life' and one with a yellow smiley face.But then I guess I'm a little older than you!

Rog said...

I always assumed that Anti-apartheid and Bronze life-saving meant the same thing?

Chris said...

Mine is 'Well-meaning Guardian readers against the bomb', and a school prefect badge,not worn at the same time, obviously!
I have just found your blog and love reading all the older posts.Wherever I turn at the moment I keep reading and hearing about the Orkneys. Does this mean anything I wonder?

Dave said...

Badges? Don't know you were born. When I was 12 I lioved in a cardboard box, and worked 23 hours a day down t' pit.

Jimmy Bastard said...

You both wear a very significant badge these days. The badge of happiness. More coveted than any oul tat that Blue Peter used to knock up.

Sian said...

What - no Blue Peter badge??I had a signed photograph of Petra the FIRST Blue Peter Dog - but no badges..... does that mean I had a deprived childhood?

Malc said...


I guess we're of an age, as it happens. "Some day we must get organised " was another I remember.


As Partridge would have said: "Let's not open that whole Bronze can of worms".


Welcome. You like the older posts? What's wrong with the new ones? You are reading and hearing about Orkney because you need to spend time there while buying rare breed pork - trust me, I'm a pig farmer.


That explains the helmet.


I'm going to show Mrs Malc that comment every day from now on.


I'm afraid to say I loathed/loathe Blue Peter. I could bore you for some time about it.

Richard said...

I got a Four for a Boy badge from Magpie for writing in when I was 10