Saturday, 4 July 2009

How much for the beard?

"What about twenty quid?" said Mrs Pig "Farmer".

"That's far too much. How about ten?" said her friend Toni.

"Oh no, that'd be robbery. Tell you what, let's split the difference and make it £15."

"Hold on, haven't we got this the wrong way round. I'm selling the ducks TO YOU."

"Oh, right."



Katherine said...

Did she throw in a gourd?

I, Like The View said...

ducks? don't they need water!

(they taste good tho. . . and think of all the duvets you could fill with the feathers)

zIggI said...

saounds fair to me

Richard said...

I know someone who bagged a wardrobe on ebay for a tenner. She had to hire a van and drive 50 miles to collect it. When she got there she saw it was in really good nick then told the seller it was a real bargain and gave him £100.

@ Katherine: Well, there's one born every minute.

elizabethm said...

Ah now Richard's person is probably somehow related to my husband who loves a bargain but can somehow negotiate his way to paying more if he thinks he should! Nice quality I think.

mig said...

But how much for the puffins? I love the puffins.