Tuesday, 2 June 2009


The City of Kirkwall pipe band* were out in force in front of St Magnus' Cathedral, watched by a crowd of around 150. Somebody must have told them the pig "farmer" had just got off the Westray boat.

Seriously everybody, you shouldn't have. . . you know I don't like the fuss. . . bit disappointed there wasn't a buffet.

I'm told the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay/Cornwall (name changes depending on their location) were also in town so it's nice the lads had their pipes out anyway.

* Orkney isn't all that Scottish so they go easy on the tartan and shortbread (unless there's a game against England). The pipe band appears to be the one exception to the rule.


Dave said...

The sun wasn't shining the day I walked past the cathedral. As I remember it was cold and wet - in fact I bought a waxed wooly hat. Nor did they get the band out.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

"It's good to get your pipe out when there's a duchess in town." - old Yorkshire saying.