Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You're beautiful

Watching: One plucky sparrow standing up to half-a-dozen starlings in a fight over the fat-ball Mrs Pig "Farmer" pinned to the fence.

That's it. I think it might be all over for the pig "farmer".

A quick look at iTunes recommendations (you bought/own Judy Garland so we think you'd like to buy Megadeath) has given me a bit of a turn.

Tiger Feet was one thing, there are people out there who like T Rex and Mud. . . I suppose.

But James Blunt.



garfer said...

This post title made me think that you were about to praise James Blunt.

Had this been the case I would have had to kill you.

Geoff said...

You should see my Spotify recommendations.

I must be very young for my age.

Rog said...

That's Neat That's Neat That's Neat

Z said...

Hah! Even amazon has never suggested I buy James Blunt.

Lindsay said...

I love those Tiger Feet!

KAZ said...

When I saw the title I thought you meant me.