Sunday, 29 March 2009

Trust your sow

So, a busy week down on the "farm". The piglets are growing fast and are getting out and about. . .

. . . and are indulging in a lot of pointless zooming around which makes getting decent pictures a bit tricky. . .

. . . and there's been time for some family activities, such as snuffling around in case there's anything tasty in Molly's bedding. . .

. . . and when that's all over, it's time for a nap. . .

The pig "farmer" started the week flapping around nervously, scared that the piglets were in danger of either freezing to death (it's been a bit parky in Orkney) or being squashed by a careless Molly.

I shouldn't have worried. Molly has, so far, been a terrific mother. Saddlebacks have a great reputation as careful, caring mums and the piglets are growing fast.

When she had her last litter, Molly struggled with 12 rowdy piglets and ended up thin and tired after six weeks. This litter of nine (five males, four females) seem quieter, if just as cute, and I've put Moll on double rations to keep her weight up.

Every time she's ready to lie down she checks the bedding for stray piglets and ushers any wanderers back into the creep until she's ready for them to feed. It's very sweet.

Tonight (Monday) Kim is off to Orphir on Orkney Mainland to see The Boss, so if all goes well she should be ready to farrow in July.


zIggI said...

they are just gorgeous!

Inwardly Confused said...

They are amazing, pigs rule!

Rog said...

Kim's getting pregnant at a Bruce Springsteen concert?!!!

They all look a sight for sore eyes. (Could be a reference to Styes)

Richard said...

I was going to ask whether there was no end to Springsteen's talents but Rog beat me to the tape.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I'm licking my lips just thinking about the wee fatty one in the middle.

I, Like The View said...

they are all so sweet, in a little wrinkly kind of way

one of them doesn't seem have a little pink saddle back. . . presumably that doesn't affect the flavour of the meat (I know it's a stupid observation, but they've made me come over all soppy and I'm trying to stop grinning)

hope it's warming up a little for you all up there

fiwa said...

Wow, Bruce is a multi-talented kind of guy!

Mom must be doing a good job - they look very contented and happy all snuggled up in the straw.

elizabethm said...

Don't do this to me with the fabulous pictures. I am trying to find out what to do next and having pigs was not immediately at the top of the list.

lettuce said...

sweet sweet piggylets

Dave said...

For a moment there I thought Kim was Mrs Pig Farmer.

Malc said...


Aren't they? I'd happily keep them at this size for ever - only it would cost a fortune.


Orwell said much the same thing.


It's not often we get a really big act in Orkney. The last one was The Proclaimers - dunno if that counts though.


I know - as we get older the reflexes just ain't what they used to be.


Natasha is already spoken for unfortunately.


The eight of them have perfect markings - potential show pigs if I was so inclined. The odd-one out makes up for her unusual markings with a big character.
It is warmer this week, but foggy.


No doubt he'll have Clarence Clemons to back him up if need be.


Go on, you know you want to.


They are at their cutest about now - even the old farmers love watching them at this age.


Do try to keep up, Dave.