Wednesday, 18 March 2009

On tour

So. . . I went to England. . . I came back again. Jolly glad I was, too. Was it always that noisy?

I saw several old pals and, of course, they are still the finest of the fine. I saw my daughter who is, naturally, the loveliest 16-year-old on the planet. I stayed with Sal's brother Mart (a brewer of excellent stout) and his wife Kath who is still gurgling happily about her new grandson Henry.

On two other nights I collapsed in a Guinness-sodden heap at the house of Reg. Since I left he's developed into the male equivalent of a mad cat lady.

Reg was always a serial dog rescuer, but he's now in charge of five, including Dave the Alsatian, Tilly the Beagle, Katie the Australian Cattle Dog (so handy in suburban Wolverhampton), Henry the three-legged err. . ., and the latest waif whose name escapes me at present but who looks a little overwhelmed, if very grateful not to be tied up in the back garden of a house that was vacated by a family of complete arseholes two weeks earlier.

All have behaviour issues, so entering Pither Towers gives you a taste of the army's house-to-house training. Reg achieves the entrance, while you act as back-up. What follows is a lot of barking and growling - some of it from the dogs - before they are all packed off into the back garden to disturb the neighbours' barbecue.

Having de-Regged meself, on the way back from England I met up with Mr Hotel Proprietor and The Boy. We drank beer in Edinburgh's Cafe Royal where the pre-match build-up was interrupted by the full pipe band and The Oxford Bar where I was disappointed not to bump into Inspector Rebus hot on the trail of gangster 'Big' Ger Cafferty.

The three of us then attended Scotland v Ireland at Murrayfield at which I enjoyed several wild mood swings before the blessed relief of an Irish victory.

I got home two days later. Sal had been baking lemon cake and chocolate brownies and today the sun was shining. It's good to be home.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Lemon cake and chocolate brownies. I think I love Sal.

I, Like The View said...

oooh lemon cake! chocolate brownnies! yum

glad you're glad to be home, great that you had a good time whilst away


Lindsay said...

Glad you had a good time with some rugby included. England made a better fist of their match. I hope Ireland win The Grand Slam.

How nice to come home to lemon cake and chocolate brownies.

zIggI said...

where are the photos?! You can't have a holiday without posting holiday snaps, it's in the rules you know :)

sarah said...

My Father always said one should never leave home without 'spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch'...never really applied to me but hope you didn't leave home without yours

fiwa said...

Lemon cake AND chocolate brownies? I bet it is good to be home. Sounds like it was a good tour tho.