Thursday, 5 February 2009

The White Stuff

Listening to: Asleep In The Back EP (Elbow)

I stumbled through from the barn in my dressing gown and slippers, peered out of the window and the bit of me that will always be six years old gave a shout of joy.

Jack Frost finally staggered as far north as Orkney and there was snow on the ground. Not much, certainly not enough to convert one of the pig huts into a giant sledge (one day!), but there was snow.

Westray's bus service ran without hitch (Boris take note). I saw it go past the house as Mrs Pig "Farmer" was clambering into the car. We drove (a little more carefully than usual) down to the morning ferry.

The view of neighbouring islands Faray Holm, Faray and Eday as we dropped down to Rapness pier was breathtaking. Mother Nature had her dark palette out, the fields all browns and dark greens, the sea gunmetal grey as the steely morning light picked out every fold of the land, every nook and crannie of the shoreline.

Sal safely sent off to Kirkwall, I returned home where Little Kim and Sock were pushing their snouts into the snow and blowing, the horses grateful for a feed of hay and the dogs curled up in front of the fire.

I put the coffee on and remembered I'd made scones yesterday. He shoots, he scores.


Rog said...

I read the last paragraph and wondered if you are really Alan Bennett?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It is quite wonderful that you can find beauty in Orkney in February. Beauty comes in many different forms.

Gin said...

It's nice that someone still enjoys snow. After two of the snowiest winters in USA Midwestern history the past two years, I'm afraid I don't join in your joy when I step out in the morning and there's even MORE snow on the ground. Especially since I drive a school bus! Driving on it is horrible! I'm good at it, but don't like it at all. Stay warm, drive carefully and have a scone for me!

Lindsay said...

I am glad you enjoy the snow, Malc, I simply love it. Today we have woken up to a real blizzard so put on my wellies and tramped around taking more and more photos to bore people with.

Dave said...

The 'Mother Nature's pallette' paragraph is a bit poetic for a farmer, isn't it? You're not turning into Lawrence Llewllyn-Bowen, I hope.

sarah said...

Elbow are great..saw them at Latitude festival last year before they became huge.
I think maybe Orkney and east coast Essex are the only places not to have been hit by snow..or maybe everyone else is exaggerating!
New to your it!

Anonymous said...

There are some folk in this country who might be glad of some snow. 108 dead in fires in Victoria. Ingham facing the 3rd big flood in a week. And puddles forming in this town, 12 months after the disastrous flood.
Makes you wonder why countries bother to go to war.
(And a part of me will always be six, too!)

elizabethm said...

Yep, I love snow too. Ours is still just hanging on but were snowed in last week good and proper for a couple of days. Bank up the fire, shut the world out. Heaven.