Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Saturday night (just about) live

Listening to: Aretha

We're having a quiet night in, eating toad-in-the-hole, drinking Czech beer and kind-of watching QI on the telly.

The subject of rock, scissors, paper comes up.

"I've never really got the rock, scissors, paper thing," says Mrs P"F".

"What's not to get?" says the pig "farmer", still basking in the glow of four pigs-worth of pork sold and Ireland's 30-21 win over the French in Dublin.

"I don't see how it works."

"Simple, rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock."

"Ah, but that's the bit I don't get - why does paper beat rock?"

"Err. . . oh yeah, I remember. Paper covers rock."

"Depends how big the rock is - or the paper. And if you put a rock on top of the paper then surely the rock has beaten the paper. Ever heard of a paperweight? What kind of idiot uses paper to cover rock, especially here? No, rock beats paper - always."

"Blimey babe, it's only a game."

"Bloody silly game."

To decide who's right we play rock, scissors, paper and do that annoying thing many married couples seem to have of knowing just about everything each other is thinking, the final result being Pig "Farmer" 2 Mrs Pig "Farmer" 1 with seven draws.

* I understand the discussion in the QI studio followed similar lines which just goes to show you can make your own entertainment if you try hard enough - or you're married to Mrs P"F".


I, Like The View said...

I love rock paper scissors and always thought the point of the game was to out think-guess your opponent. . .


(unless one's playing with one's partner, and now I realise I should have let him win more. . .)


(tried Mastermind recently? not the tv show, but the game with the little coloured pegs. . .)

wonderful header photo btw

Rog said...

I thought Rock Paper Scissors was a promotional give-away by the NME ?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Those long winter nights in the Orkneys sound like loads of fun! Mind you, I'm partial to a bit of toad in the hole myself. Usually after the Rock Paper Scissors foreplay.

elizabethm said...

Well I thought I was the only person to have been bemused by paper/scissors etc in that way. Always puzzled and slightly irritated me. Now I know there are two of us in this world. Go Mrs PF.

Arabella said...

Only Mrs PF can save the BBC.

Malc said...


I've got a Mastermind game somewhere - quite possibly in my mum's loft.


You're thinking of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.


I'm delighted to say my Toad-in-the-hole rose beautifully.

I'll stop now.


Don't encourage her.


I think it's the only hope for the once-great broadcasting corporation.

KAZ said...

I never got it either and now I don't think I have a hope. Neither do I know why it's called Toad in the Hole.
In fact I don't seem to know much do I?

lettuce said...

ha, i was just thinking of QI
(where I found myself slightly and unreasonably irritated by Stephen Fry calling it paper scissors rock, not rock paper scissors)

thanks for your nice comment recently.
And I love your new (?) header photo, beautiful and evocative

Gin said...

I get rock paper scissors, but what the hell is toad-in-a-hole??

Richard said...

Gin, British delicacy but because toads are now endangered we have to use live frogs, baked in batter.