Monday, 2 February 2009

Businessman of the year

Listening to: the new Franz Ferdinand album
I was a bit dubious, but: it's not bad at all
I'm worried because: Mrs Pig "Farmer" is in the middle of Aberdeenshire somewhere and it's going to snow/is snowing (a lot).
And: The Boy is in the middle of Devon somewhere and it's going to snow/is snowing (a lot)

I just knew this would happen.

I've spent the best part of a morning sorting out who's ordered what pork from the four lads who went to slaughter last week.

I compiled a list, priced it all up and got ready to send it to the butcher, only to find I've sold a quarter of a pig more than I've got.


So if anyone has a rear quarter of a pig they don't need. . . seriously.


Richard said...

Woops, that was a tad careless Malc!

I used to fly up to Aberdeen quite a lot in the 80s/90s and one time, around this time of year, the pilot kept us informed of the deteriorating weather during the flight. In 90 minutes the temperature dropped from freezing to minus 10C and they had ten inches of snow. It was the only time I'd booked a car and I had to dig it out of the car park!

zIggI said...

heck - promote vegetarianism in the short-term perhaps?

Hope Mrs TPF is safe, no snow in Devon yet but moving West.

Wrap up warm up there!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Every butcher knows to make the pork orders go further you have to keepa finger on the scale when weighing.:)

Enjoy a little touch of a mild Canadian winter.

Rog said...

I thought the first comment said "minus 10cc" and got my hopes up.

Hasn't the House of Lords been investigated for mis-selling of Porkies?

I, Like The View said...

crikey - hope you manage to sort it out

does this mean fewer sausages?

don't know about the rest of the country, but here in London Town we had one day obliterated by snow and now it's melting

hope you and yours, wherever they are, have stayed safe

Anonymous said...

Think thats how Alan Sugar made his millions

Arcadian Advocate said...

When I am short of pork and have a customer who is really keen I usually ask another customer with an order for a half pig to have just a quarter this time.. and be first on the list for the next order.
It works sometimes but since we sell pork, beef and lamb we can be pretty sure some that of our customers are struggling for freezer space and glad of the reprieve, good luck, let us know what happens!