Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Listening to: a blast from the distant past
On second thoughts: all that screaming at the end is a bit much, so. . .
Now listening to: this performance of the best album of 2008 and (in the pig "farmer's" humble opinion) one of the best albums in many many years.

There are times when watching/listening to the weather forecast on our esteemed national broadcasting corporation and I can't help but feel like I'm not invited to join in.

Polar bears are stalking the streets of west London, mammoths have appeared in Berkshire, Wales expect to win several golds at the next Winter Olympics - the ice age is upon us (well, you anyway).

As usual, the weather forecast from the Blue Peter garden didn't seem to include us in the Northern Isles where it has been dry, if a bit parky - extra jumper time. No snow, not even a little bit. They've had some snow over in Scotland, but it's February.

Is it true that the buses in London ground to a halt? That's absolutely staggering. Hell's teeth! Surely it's enough of reason for that Tory clown* to resign.

I suppose the snow was a good news story, but the London media didn't half overdo it. It's not as if we're short of news, what with us being up to our ears in two wars and the economy having done a Bob Maxwell off the deck of its private yacht taking our pensions with it.

It never ceases to amaze me that the more airtime is made available for news, the fewer stories seem to be covered - or is this just me?

God! Listen to me. What a miserable old sod I am at times. "If you can't say anything nice. . . "

* that's not a tautology. Tory arsehole is.

By the way, Mrs Pig "Farmer" made it back to Orkney safe and sound and I was let off the hook on the pork front when someone rang to reduce their order. Hurrah!

And isn't that Elbow performance a cracker? I haven't enjoyed music so much in ages.


I, Like The View said...

you and I both using the same song line for a piece of writing. . .

you and Dave both curmudgeoning on about the same topic. . .

you and The Beep both enjoying Elbow. . .

blogging - bringing caring, sharing people together


(may I just say in London's defence, it was the worst snow in 18 years and the capital is just not cut out to deal with extremes, is it? pathetic, possibly, but I think we all knew that before the first flakes fell)

great news about the pork, and glad Mrs P-F got home safely

Lindsay said...

I follow the weather as a hobby and the best weather forecast for the Uk, in my opinion, comes from a norwegian weather station - I can pinpoint our exact village and it comes complete with a meteogram. If you search "YR Weather" you should probably find it. Change language to English unless you are very talented!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Know what you mean - mass hysteria breaks out over about 3 inches of the white stuff - so remember the snows in the late 60's which covered the doors and in 1981 when it was actually as high as the roof of the cottage where we lived then - pah! Lets have some real snow and then watch the panic set in!

Geoff said...

Absolutely no buses (or trains) on Monday. No trains on my route yesterday and the bus I got on had a bit of trouble getting up Shooters Hill. I'm expecting more cancellations tomorrow and Friday.

Boris may be a twat. But he's, er, well, just a twat really.

Rol said...

The journos get very upset when the weather actually affects them for a change.

Sian said...

Ah Geoff - I well remember the journey up Shooter's Hill. Hope your transport system is back to "normal".

And Malc - yes I got grumpy too that snow and bad weather in London with schools closed made for first slot on main news bulletins. If it happens North of Watford (eg Glasgow or Edinburgh) it gets nary a mention except on local news bulletins. Harumph. And I don't think I was the only one to go "Huh?" when dear Boris merrily said on Monday "We've had the right sort of snow but in the wrong quantities but we've coped jolly under the circumstances" - um what part of no buses, no tubes, no trains, is "coping very well"?

Betty said...

I'm starting to sound like a grumpy old Yorkshireman every time the subject of All The Weather We're Having crops up. "Extreme weather? Don't make me laugh. We used to have snow drifts and snow that was a foot deep every year where I'm from. Why are all the schools closed? Because the parents can't make the five minute drive to the school in the 4WD? In my day the schools never closed. Bloody London gets a bit of snow and suddenly "Britain" has turned into Arctic wastelands overnight ..."

Etc., etc. Someone will thump me soon.

Richard said...

Seems a bit daft to close all the schools - The first time mummy actually gets to use the 4 x 4 in anger and there's no bloody point. My primary school in the 70s was on a steep hill out in the country and I can well remember the bus driver telling us to all go up the back so he could get a bit of traction going. And it worked. You wouldn't get that now, oh no. The bus company would get sued out of business. It had all gone by Tuesday morning up here.

Richard said...

And I listened to the Elbow concert live (and very loud) on Saturday and thought it was extraordinarily good. Usually I've got a bit tired of big anthemic singles after a few weeks but "One Day Like This" still makes the hairs stand up. Doves have got a new album out soon as well.

Anonymous said...

OK, folks, just to give you a little light relief:
For "snow" read "rain" and for "snowed-in" read "flooded."
There you go, kiddies! Not at all difficult was it? Now you have learned all about the weather in Queensland, Australia (the big, lumpy island thingy on the bottom of your map.Probably still coloured pink.)
And don't feel too miffed, Malc, these respites have a habit of coming back to leave teeth marks on one's derriere!

PS Down south they are having different weather. And worse.

Arcadian Advocate said...

Glad about the pork, it does usually have as funny way of working out.

Struggle for college commuter to get home by train and car yesterday, unable to go today, not looking good for tmro either. Mon and Tues were write offs too.

Joys of a normal winter.. many [including the powers that be] have forgottten how to prepare and deal with said white stuff.

Homo Escapeons said...

The Beeb site regrets that this is not available in my area? Perhaps it's on Youtube.

Hell hath frozen over...it's like a scene right out of Twelve Monkeys eh?

Have you ever visited GROINK?

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