Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Listening to: Glasvegas (Glasvegas)

After two beautiful, if chilly days, the wind is building up - not much fun if you've forgotten to shut the hens in and you have to venture out in your dressing gown and jammies.

Suitably invigorated in certain more intimate areas, I'm back in our newly-painted kitchen (Sal having had a busy weekend) uploading photos.

I'm not much of a photographer. You'll have to imagine the sight of a hen's egg sitting, untouched in Kim the sow's bed. Likewise, I can't bring you the sight of the little black and white feral cat who patrols the croft, cuddled up to a slumbering Kim.

I did attempt to get a pic of the astonishing sunrise on Saturday, but it was windy so I couldn't keep the mobile phone still and, in any case, it wouldn't pick up the full range of colours - an outstanding variety of oranges, purples and blues which lit up the fields for at least an hour - and the result was this. . .

Anyway, it has been quiet and bright for the last two days and the island (or at least the views from the front of our house) has been in fine form, like this. . .

. . . or Fitty Hill seen from over an Ifor Williams trailer. . .

The pigs have enjoyed the sunshine. . .

. . . and the dogs were treated to a walk to the shore. . .


Brad said...

Any room for lodgers? I can muck out a stall with the best of them!

I'd love to see that veiw in person.

Cathy said...

Hello Malc
That water looks very cold, do the dogs ever dip their toes and then decide otherwise??
Also can I borrow your pigs when my compost needs turning :))
Take care

I, Like The View said...

how. . .

I'm sort of lost for words

peaceful (after the storm)! colourful *jaw drops*
lovely - the animals

but what about the newly painted kitchen!!


Betty said...

I think the photos are pretty good actually and capture the pale winter sunshine very well. Unfortunately I've only got the opportunity to take pictures of the parking bay in front of our house, or the local Asda. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

Dave said...

It appears from the wet tyre tracks on the last photo that someone has just driven out of the sea. Is the lastest Bond film being shot in the Orkneys?

Mr Murph said...

It looks just like Taransay. Do you have a Black Lion film crew with you?

Richard said...

I was out very early on Sunday morning to drive to Liverpewl. The sunrise, even in Crewe, was astonishing.

I, Like The View said...

(btw - I saw Reg on telly this morning!)

Donn Coppens said...

What have you done with all of the bloody trees?

Reg Pither said...

Could be moving up nearer to you soon. Get the rubber matting down.

Malc said...


Sadly there's no room at the moment, unless you fancy sharing with Kim, although visitors are always welcome.


The water is quite chilly, but Owen in particular doesn't seem to be bothered. I'd lend you the pigs, but the airlines don't seem keen.


Pics of newly-painted kitchen soon - plenty still needs doing.
The peace didn't last - there's another storm brewing.


Glad you like them, but they just don't do the place justice.


*consults confidentiality clause in contract*

No, there's no Bond film being made in Westray, nor is there a plan for a film where Bond quits the ratrace, downsizes and becomes a pig "farmer".

Hang on, I've had an idea.


No sign of TV's Mr Nice Ben Fogle when I last looked.


Cheshire sunrise - there's a ring to that. Sometimes it's worth crawling out of bed early, although dawn is around 8.15am here at the moment.


Is it on Youtube yet? I have to see this - he's being very coy about it.


When Orkney was handed over by the Norwegians to Scotland as surety for the future payment of a dowry in 1468 (they still haven't paid up), trees weren't included in the deal and they were all moved to Oslo.


Oh Lordy! If anything ensures Scottish independence and stricter border controls - that's it. Mrs Pig "Farmer" has just given me one of "those" looks.