Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Owen's diets

Listening to: Novocaine for the Soul (Eels)

Owen the collie/spaniel cross was restless - even by his hyperactive standards. He was up and down like the Assyrian Empire, pacing around the kitchen, getting on the pig "farmer's" nerves.

Sitting down for the daily, all-too familiar episode of The Simpsons, Owen followed me into the living room and threw up.

Amid the green goo was a pebble, a piece of cement and a stick.



Gin said...

He probably made a New Year's resolution to eat more fiber!

I, Like The View said...

was the stick a nice piece of driftwood?

(sorry, having a bit of a beach moment here - you know, shells and little bits of coral, driftwood, seaglass and the like)

hope Owen is now fully recovered

Lindsay said...

Many years ago our labrador came back from a forage in the garden and sicked up over 200 cherry stones - urghh!

confused said...

lol i do love mad dogs! our insane jack russell gloria regurally pukes up batterys, bits of lighters, bits of clothing! i have no idea where she finds these things! she always looks so proud of herself as well! i wouldnt change her for the world!

zIggI said...

Have you thought of feeding him dog food instead?

Anonymous said...

As I hadn't ventured as far North as Westray for a while I took advantage of some "spare" time this morning. For dog vomit???
Oh well, I hope the rest of your year improves, Malc.

elizabethm said...

Another good reminder for me (really feeling like getting a dog and up against husbandly opposition) that it is not all roses and sunshine.

Malc said...


He could have had a Weetabix.


Fortunately it wasn't - Sal would have sanded it down and it would have joined the pile of driftwood and shells she keeps telling me will decorate the house.


I can only imagine the effects of 200 cherries.


Our Jack Russell Spike is far too choosy to eat anything dodgy.


He has to have the dried stuff as he has wind 'issues'.


Sorry to have brought the tone down. We'll be on to pig excrement next week. Happy New Year to you too.


It's worth the occasional pool of dog vomit for the fun they give us.

The Birdwatcher said...

We had a lurcher that loved to lick the centre out of fresh cow pats. Then she would try and lick you. Lovely. Whats happened to Reg by the way?

Malc said...


Funny you should mention Reg. He's taken to licking the middle out of fresh cowpats. I keep my distance these days.

mig said...

I still remember the time our dog got hold of a packet of peanuts.

Frith said...

OK. I know this post is two years old but I have to tell you that I have a friend with a Shelty, also named Owen, who is thick as a brick, and once ate a 5 pound bag of flour, and a blue kitchen sponge. Then, of course, chundered it up onto the kitchen floor. Something about the name?