Sunday, 4 January 2009

Just the one

Listening to: Clash of the Ash (Runrig)
Don't recall: wishing my readership a happy New Year
So: Happy New Year to you both

I'm in the kitchen at my Dad's old desk, eyeing up the last bottle of Christmas booze.

It's a bottle of Churchwards Original Cider, all the way from. . . hang on, let's have a look at the bottle. . . Tiverton in Devon. Seems to be the real McCoy. It says here there are no additives or sweeteners so that's good too.

I've opened it.

Bottoms up. . .

Not bad at all.

It's been another tough old Christmas/Hogmanay here at the pig "farm". Unlike last year when Mrs P"F" and meself were on our own, we've had three of our six offspring, father-in-law Ray, brother-in-law Alan and sister-in-law Marie here at various spells over the last fortnight.

A certain amount of stamina has been required (my hangover on Jan 1 was something of a classic), but Sal - a Premier League class haver-of-a-good-time - has been up to the task.

I have drunk several times my bodyweight in a very nice Czech lager I bought at the island's knitwear shop (of course - where else would I buy Czech lager?), while Sal has conjured interesting beers, wines and ciders from all over the place - the last of which I'm drinking now.

There's always a price to pay and, as I look down, my feet are not as obvious as they were in November. Abstention and the mixing and laying of concrete are on the agenda.

I'm not the only podge about the place. The gilts (young female pigs) Sock and Little Kim (pictured in the header) have moved into new quarters and are on a regime.

Little Kim, in particular, has developed the pig equivalent of a muffin top (when a spare tyre shows on the hams when seen from behind). I've cut her feed by 1lb a day, but may have to resort to the assault course if that doesn't work.

Ideas, sensible or otherwise, appreciated.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'm delighted to have found your blog and look forward to catching up on all your writings. Edward and I shall return! Best to you!

elizabethm said...

Mmm, know what you mean about the podge, got on the scales this morning (now why did I do that? I knew the answer). Love the idea of the beer from the knitwear shop.
Happy New Year.

I, Like The View said...

sorry! what was the question?

I'm totally distracted by that gorgoues knitwear shop (I'm a closet textile and yarn fan)(well, out of the closet now). . .

I'll try and find my way back here again when I've completed a full appraisal of their site

susi said...

Some years ago we visited an off-license and grocer's on Skye that sold woolly jumpers alongside the baked beans and beer.

It's not just an island thing either... find this sort of thing going on in North Yorkshire too. I used to design knitwear and sell it to shops in the Dales and, believe me, they displayed my stock next to a very imaginative range of goods. No complaints though - they sold loads of my stuff.

People must go in for a carton of instant noodles and buy a designer sweater to eat it in!

Lindsay said...

Pig racing?

Gin said...

You could break her to ride and ride it off her.

Happy New Year... I had to look up Hogmanay. I've lead a sheltered life!

zIggI said...

When you find the answer let me know. I've definitely got bulging hams!

Donn Coppens said...

Obstacle course?

So much for eating like a Pig eh?