Monday, 8 December 2008


Watching: Taggart
It seems there's: been a murrduur
Hang on: there's been another
They've only: got an hour to solve it

Forgot to mention this a week or so ago, but was reminded by a warning put out on Radio Scotland this morning.

'Don't touch baby seals' was the message, 'even if they appear to be abandoned'.

While out for a healthy walk, The Boy and myself found this little fella. . .

. . . all alone on a nearby beach. Owen went close for a sniff, but was called away, while Spike strained at the lead, eager for a change from hens and rabbits.

He'd obviously been left at high tide and was a good 20 yards from the water with no adult seals to be seen.

He didn't seem to be hurt and kind of growled and hissed as we went past him, so we left well alone - nice to be right once in a while.


I, Like The View said...

isn't he cute. . .

(why would someone want to club it to death)

and so well disguised amongst the rocks too

any interesting shells on your beaches?

KAZ said...

You don't see many of those in Manchester these days

Anonymous said...

hehe - Baby seals aside, I was immediately amused by the taggart commentary. I reckon he did it...

(the word verification says 'trouse', irrelevant but true)

Gin said...

Oh wow! We don't have seals in the ol' Mississippi! Maybe an otter or two. What a wonderful thing to see. I would be so tempted to try to "help" it tho.

Malc said...


We have all the usual shells, although there are more scallop shells here than elsewhere - Westray scallops are huge and delicious.


He has the depressed expression of a City fan to me.


Hello stranger. It was the husband, played by the bloke that always plays nutters - most notably in Billy Elliott and Gangs of New York.


There are otters in Westray as well, although I've never seen one.