Saturday, 6 December 2008

A walk on the Westside

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Just: an excuse to show some pictures

A mad-busy week in the kitchen. Electric Eric has ripped out wiring that was threatening to burn the place down and installed a new ring main. He did explain, but I find it near impossible to get that sort of thing to stick in my brain.

Better still, we stuffed the loft with insulation and set about lining the walls with a sort of tinfoil bubble wrap and making a start on putting up the tongue and groove.

The result is a kitchen that is warm for the first time this winter and a feeling of immense smugness for the pig "farmer" who has learned half-a-dozen new things about DIY.

So he treated himself to a day off today - routine animal husbandry excepted - and went for a walk, faithful hounds in tow.

I'm particularly fond of the west side of the island, imaginatively called Westside. It's a little rougher round the edges than where we live towards the south-east, more of what outsiders would expect of a Scottish island*.

This. . .

. . . is a smashing little beach, one of my favourites anywhere.

This. . .

. . . is an Iron Age broch attached to Westray only by some slippery rocks. It featured on the Discovery Channel earlier this year.

Spike took the chance to indulge in his favourite hobby. . .

. . . and. . .

. . . while Owen, the dog with no 'off' button, stopped briefly. . .

. . . and the pig "farmer" enjoyed the views and the solitude. . .

* Whether Orkney is genuinely Scottish is debateable. Norwegian until the mid-15th century, you always feel a long way from shortbread and Pringle jumper country here. My great grandfather apparently took great exception to being called Scottish.


elizabethm said...

Utterly lovely pictures. The only time I have been to Orkney it rained the entire week and I had to take the beauty of the place on trust. Had clearly made a major impact on my FIL when he was stationed there in the war (imagine very strong Lancashire accent and a generally uncommunicative man saying "Eh, lass, the land of milk and 'oney I thought it were when I got there" and you just about have it.

Mig said...

Love the new header, it's beautifully moody.
What a beautiful island you live on :)

Mig said...

And hasn't Spike got a cute backside - I notice he's on a long lead, just as well, he could get lost down there in the hall of the mountain kings :)

(Oh ok then, the hall of the island bunnies)

Dave said...

Glad your kitchen is warm. Kitchens should be warm.

Lindsay said...

Your kitchen sounds really cosy now.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is all lovely in its starkness. As one who has always lived with forests nearby, I am not sure I would feel comfortable out in the open. I would feel an impulse to plant trees. So far I have planted 12,000 on my little bit of wilderness.

Murph said...

Picture three looks like a face with a dog's arse for a mouth. (That would be a morning-after feeling I suppose).

I hope Eric isn't reckless.

Gin said...

Great shots. I love seeing your place, it's very educational for a lady in the middle of the US.

Congrats on the new kitchen remodel. Warm is good.

I, Like The View said...

gorgeous photo at the top! and the others. . .

emits armchair traveller's *sigh*

(I Like The flat rock cliffs by the Iron Age thingy)

and this has a great groove!!!

what fantastic news about the kitchen - I'll bet Mrs P-F is very chuffed

(hoping that you haven't had any Irish pic feed)


I, Like The View said...


Donn Coppens said...

You must feel like the last Man, on Earth out there?

Arrrr therrr mannay piskay varrrmints oot n aboot fyr tha Hoonds ta parrsew?

Malc said...


Not much in the way of honey, but it is a wonderful place.


Spike is on the lead for so many reasons - not least the fear he may disappear never to return again.

Dave and Lindsey

Yep, if it wasn't for the piles of tools, rolls of insulation and spare bits of timber it would be quite comfy.


Good grief, I don't think there are 12,000 in the whole of Orkney.


Eric is far from reckless. Incidentally, Wreckless Eric's new album with Amy Rigby is excellent.


Yeah, but you live near the Mississippi which is very cool.


I like that Nightmares On Wax track - I imagine a basketball game going on in the background.
No Irish pig feed here!


Varmints aplenty, mainly of the bunny variety.