Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dukes of Westray

Listening to: Chas 'n' Dave's support act

It was an exciting weekend. We had high winds on Friday and Sunday and, as I drove around the island on Monday, there was the sound of hammering and drilling as repairs were made.

We got off relatively lightly. The door of the static caravan lost a hinge, but I managed to put it back together with a little help.

Biggest casualty was our venerable Land Rover Lennox. On Friday night, just as the storm was brewing, I returned from the village and opened the door, only to have it wrenched from my grasp by a fierce gust. The ageing, rusting hinge gave the Land Rover equivalent of *sigh* "ohferfuckssake" and crumbled, leaving the door hanging at a jaunty angle.

With the wind whistling around my ears, I forced the door shut and further inspection the following morning revealed slightly more rust than door.

I've no idea if it can be fixed, but I strongly suspect I'll have the door welded shut and get in and out Dukes-of-Hazzard style through the window - a bit tricky with my knees the way they are.


Anonymous said...

Can't help with the door disaster, but I wish you a Happy Ham. And something to wash it down. Of course.

I, Like The View said...

if my brain wasn't so shot I'm sure I'd be able to work a few more 70s tv shows into this comment - but my brain is totally shot!

so the only thing I can muster is a Merry Christmas. . .


can we drop the "s in the new year?

Murph said...

You may need to escape from Boss Hogg!

Brad said...

Dukes of Hazard style? are you willing yourself to urgent care ?

Merry Christmas!

fiwa said...

Oh man... if you're doing it duke's of hazzard style, you gotta get someone to video tape that. ;)

I used to have a car with that problem - it was fine until I went on a job interview, and the posh man in a suit wanted to walk me out to my car...

Happy holidays!

The Birdwatcher said...

Knees! Don't talk to me about knees. My Doctor has told me that you (I assume he refers to the human race here) are not mean't to walk upright. Therefore no scan no nothing for my poor f***ed knees. Thank F*** I a playing hooker this season.

mig said...

We used to have a Triumph that did that. It was when the window stopped working we had to let it go.
Happy Christmas Malc.

Gin said...

Dukes of Hazarad! That is an interesting picture for sure!

Have a very Merry Christmas Malc and Mrs. Malc.