Monday, 10 November 2008

Molly's man

Listening to: Crocodiles (Echo and the Bunnymen)
Weather: Wet, windy, can't wait to go out

The big guy snorted, snuffled and took not much notice of us at all. I was over on Orkney Mainland, running the rule over the Saddleback boar who arrived from Cumbria last week.

He finally got up and strolled around the pen in that kind of first-thing-in-the-morning way.

The words 'big', 'huge', 'hairy', 'plums' and 'maracas' sprang to mind. He's certainly the business and my sows will be going over to 'see' him shortly.

He really is hairy. No pix yet, but he's in the same league as. . .

. . . or. . .

. . . or even. . .

Molly's such a lucky girl.


I, like the view said...



Cathy said...

Really does sound as though Molly's a lucky lady:)))

Will he be expensive or do you regard it as 'You get what you pay for' lol

Lindsay said...

Jolly for Molly

Geoff said...

He's certainly better looking than Giant Haystacks.

Ginni said...

He's got to be better looking than ZZTop!! Can't wait for pix of him!! Will Kim be getting a visit too?

Zabigdog said...

Maybe you'd better call him Golly.

Mr Coppens said...

A big, hairy, BRUTE is he?

Maybe you should wax his back before they mate..
I mean meat..
D'OH I mean meet!

I certainly hope that he isn't an insufferbale, tedious, bore.

KAZ said...

I'll have the one in the middle please...... No I don't mean the mammoth.

Malc said...


Crikey indeed!


She's off to see the lad on Friday - and the stud fee is a bargain.


Let's hope it's not all a folly.


But considerably less sweaty. . . and probably cheaper to feed.


I couldn't possibly comment.
And Kim is due to go over around Christmas.


As in Good golly miss Molly, I suppose.

Mr C

Can't imagine how long a waxing would take. How long does it take to do women's legs?

Bore? Ha! *drum roll* *cymbal* "Mr Coppens will be here all week, try the fish."


Aha! That's Frank Beard the drummer and that's his real name. Sometimes life is just so brilliant.