Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ladies' man

Listening to: Hancock's Half-Hour
Surf: Big and scary - not that I've been in the water in ages
Wind is from: the north
Monkeys: of the brass variety
Severe: weather warning for Friday/Saturday
Obviously because: I'm off to Aberdeen for the rugby on Friday

As an opening gambit in a potential close relationship it wasn't promising. Molly certainly wasn't impressed at having her rear end sniffed, not once, but several times.

Molly wasn't in season, therefore in no mood for action, but that didn't deter Boss the boar (Boss Hog - geddit?) from sizing up the goods. He wasn't aggressive in any way, just very curious and obviously happy to have some company.

Moll had been pretty good. At first light, I got her away from her paddock which, after the recent rain was on the point of turning into a boating lake. With a little coaxing, she got into the trailer and was well-behaved if a little fidgety on the way to the ferry.

The hour-and-a-half crossing was on the bouncy side and, on inspection on the quayside at Kirkwall, my girl had been sick and was now cheerfully slurping up the evidence. The pig "farmer" revised plans for a large sausage and egg sandwich.

On arrival at the farm at Orphir - about halfway between Kirkwall and Stromness - she hurried indoors out of the rain to meet her beau.

Garry - Boss's boss - and I left them to it and, apparently, they're getting on fine, even if Molly has been playing hard to get.

In the mean time, some of the young pigs will be off to slaughter at the beginning of January and, as some of the pork will be going in our freezer, I started looking up vacuum packing gizmos.

I was very surprised to find this. This seems a very long time ago - mercifully.

If you ever wondered what to do with your empty Coke cans. . .


Ex Captain my Captain said...

Now I know what to do next time the kids are sick in the car.

Dave said...

Ah, Bucks Fizz. How that takes me back.

Presumably the line from that song:
Don't let your indecision, take you from behind means something different to a pig farmer.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Poor old Molly. She looks a game girl to me though.. think I would get on well with her, I tend to be sick on journeys too (see earlier post) but have never eaten it... that's because the lady in whose bag I was sick, got up and left. How thoughtless can you get....?
Loved previous post re. mouse!

Zabigdog said...

Thanks for making me laff first thing. And barf a little (vis Buck Fizz - I thought the 80s were bad HERE).

So maybe this'll make you feel like ditching those bunny ears around your title. Why did Molly have to be transported? Is she going to hang out there till she's in season?

Ginni said...

Did you play that video for Molly? Is that why she puked?

Best of luck with Molly's pending nuptials.

Malc said...


Or the wife for that matter.
Hello and welcome aboard.


Excellent! I make a habit of never turning my back on the pigs.


Ah, that's not Molly as it happens - that's my big momma Kim. More on her later. Molly's smaller and, in pig terms, prettier.
And yes, that's about as inconsiderate as you can get.


Bunny ears? Eh?
Molly will stay until she is successfully served. she comes into season every three weeks, so not long.


Dismal stuff isn't it? The horrible, clumsy ripping off of the long skirts is the bit everyone here remembers and is a huge cause of national shame.

I, Like The View said...


Dave said what I wanted to

(word ver: scomble - what happens when anther blogger beats you to your own comment?)

Zabigdog said...

Bunny ears = the quotes-indicating-skepticism around your farmerness. Answering a question like a real farmer = ditching the bunny ears. Or chipping away at 'em.

Arcadian Advocate said...

Well, here's hoping the visitation to Boss Hogg is fruitful and that you and the pig will be busy in 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days time, not forgetting your 3 glasses of wine. We are having pig related saga's this week http://arcadianadvocate.wordpress.com and I hope you and yours will fare better.
Enjoy the rugby.

Richard said...

Ah, twee it may have been but the world would have been a far uglier place without Jay Aston in it. She's aged rather better than Cheryl Baker, too.