Friday, 14 November 2008


Listening to: The great Seamus Heaney on Radio 4
Weather: soggy mess

Sal got back from work this evening, laid a fire while I got the tea ready, kicked off her shoes and slipped into her slippers (well, what else would you do with slippers? Don't answer that, boarding school kids).

Only something had got there first. There was an obstruction.

"Goodness gracious," Mrs P"F" didn't exactly exclaim, holding the slipper at arm's length.

I had a look and inside was an ex-mouse. It had ceased to be, bereft of life it would have been pushing up the daisies if it hadn't found somewhere warm to sleep off an extra large helping of the blue pellets we laid down about a week ago. (I know it's not nice, but we were getting overrun).

I dumped the body in the black bin bag and had a look inside the slipper. The mouse must have been there some time so it was all a little gooey. Sal got busy soaping her foot - I think the slipper may need something a little stronger.

* I was brought up short a week ago when I heard an old friend and colleague had been found dead. Andy Donkersley was a good, decent human being, a bloody fine reporter, diehard Huddersfield Town fan (a proper football club), loyal friend and good company.

I won't go on as my old pal Reg Pither has put it far better than I ever could, but the world is a poorer place for Andy's passing.


I, like the view said...

sorry to hear about your friend


as for the mouse - The Teen once found a desicated one, completely flattened, in the bottom of his school bag; we had no idea how long it had been there. . . around the same time there was also a strange smell in his room, getting stronger and rather unpleasant, which - upon investigation - turned out to be another dead mouse, hidden away under some of his stuff

we think the cat was offering him gifts, as it recognised him as a superior being

hope that Mrs P-"F" has put a new pair of slippers on her xmas list!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Couldn't you have simply connected the mouse to your computer?
I read the Reg Pither link about the passing of Andy Donkersley - what a lovely, sugarfree and honest epitaph.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Go to to see some messages about Andy's departure.

Anonymous said...

So the wife will be needing some new slippers for Christmas. Big black fluffy Mickey Mouse ones?

ziggi said...

It must be the season for them, I found one sans head under the dining table last night!

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Phoenis Rizing said...

Sorry to hear about a nice man exiting...never easy.

As for the mice! A few years ago we were invaded and the only thing that worked were the sticky traps..the first few executions were unnerving but after scrubbing cupboards and every floor 7 days a week I soon found myself looking forward to the next beheading...22 in all.

btw I'm not sure if you've had the pleasure but I know that you'll enjoy this post.

Ladybird World Mother

Malc said...


Amazing, isn't it, what can be found in the school bag of the male teenager. Not sure which is more mysterious - teenager's schoolbag, woman's handbag.


Reg hit just the right note about Andy. The irony is that Andy himself would never had read it, being technophobe and proud. His eyes would glaze over whenever t'internet was mentioned.


Just when I was struggling for present ideas! I'm sure she'll love 'em.


Muslim extremists?


Sticky?? Heck! That sounds grisly.
Thanks for the recommendation - what a great blog.