Saturday, 29 November 2008

Are you being served?

Listening to: Oasis on Channel 4
Is: Liam going bald?
Actually: he looks a bit like Peter Cook these days

Good news! Molly has come into season and, having kept Boss hanging on a bit, the deed is being done, possibly as you read this.

So, assuming Boss has the right amount of lead in his pencil, we could have piglets in three months, three weeks, three days - which I reckon to be Tuesday March 24.

Otherwise, meself and the lad are off to town tomorrow in search of a pub with Sky Sports to see the Wolves v Birmingham game. It's always a horrible, horrible fixture, easily the most violent (off the field) on the Championship calendar, but there's just a chance the heroes in gold and black could go nine (yes, NINE) points clear at the top.

It's all bound to go nastily wrong, but football's all about dreams - and we might have a nice lunch too.


Ginni said...

Congrats on the deed being done! Looking forward to more piglet pix. They are so cute!

I, Like The View said...

great news on the pig front!

as for the football, I'm on of those XXs who doesn't really understand it all - altho I can explain the off-side rule - but anytime spent with your boy has to be good

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hooray! Bet he had loads in his pencil. As it were. Looking forward to hearing comfirmation of deed success. ( Loved your milk story on train)
Keep us informed. (pig, not milk)

KAZ said...

Liam? Bald?
D'ya really think so?
Good luck Wolves.

zIggI said...

a draw - could have been worse, you're still in the lead.

And as for the pig-porn, where are the pictures?

Cait O'Connor said...

Thanks for calling by.
I like your blog, nice pig photo as the header and great to read what music you are listening to and other lovely photos. Bet it's cold up there?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If Boss isn't up to the job you will have to consider stepping into the breach yourself.

Suburbia said...

Sort of had to comment because I love the look of your pigs and I've never spoken to anyone so far north (UK wise)before!!! Is March that close already?!

Found you at........ can't remember, Ladybird mother I think :)

Malc said...


You know there'll be pix a-plenty. And the pigs are still cute, which is a problem as they are nearing slaughter-time.


Absolutely - he's turning into quite a decent human being.


It seems the sow Boss served before Molly is now in-pig, so it looks promising.


Yep, reckon there's quite a bit of manipulation and combing-over/forward going on.
1-1 not bad, but we never got to see it. All the pubs in Kirkwall were showing Rangers v Hearts. Laughed a lot when The Hun got beaten.


Pig porn? Readers' Sows? Pig in a poke?


Hello there. Yep, it's cold, but at least we don't get the 3ft snow that they get in Scotland.


Oh dear Lord no! I may not sleep easy tonight.


Hello. Pig compliments always welcome and I like the possibility of 'far north' as a euphemism. "He's a bit, y'know, 'far north'". I'll be sure to use that