Friday, 24 October 2008

Pig arcs might fly

Listening to: Clampdown (The Clash)
Weather: rain/hail/sunshine/gales/more rain/stronger gales/even bloody bigger hailstones

A handy tip for finding a pig hut in the middle of a gale - follow the trail of wood.

At 10.30 last night, with a force 9/10/whatever hammering away at the front of the house, I felt it might be an idea to check the pigs in the bottom field.

Eric and I had put up another pig arc (like a little nissan hut), I'd driven in a couple of fence posts and screwed the panels to it, then Sal and I had moved Kim the sow down to her new quarters.

That lasted only a few hours as I got to the field only to find a large, not too happy pig and no pig arc.

Having asked the usual "where the bloody hell is the pig arc?" questions, we led Kim, who was good as gold, back to her old hut behind the house. Then it was out into the fields with the torches to find out what had happened.

The arc end panels and some timbers were still lying in the bottom field, but the large metal panels were nowhere to be seen.

We found one of the skids (so you can move them around!) in the top field - that's the other side of the island's main road. I put the wind to my back and walked up the field, finding a dislodged fence post at the top and then a snapped timber in the next field.

I crossed three more fields and there was still no sign, but, reassured there was no chance the flying hut could have hit anything/anyone/a cow, I went to bed.

At first light I retraced my steps and there it was, battered, leaning up against a fence, the best part of a mile from where it started off and only a couple of hundred yards from the sea and the start of a voyage towards Norway.

Getting it back to the croft in such a high wind was out of the question, so it was a case of lying it flat and weighing it down with really big stones before taking it away for scrap next week.

So, to recap, the arc flew across the main road, crossed five fields, several fences and another road before giving up. The other - identical - arc is still in place, interestingly enough. Although I've added some more timber to hold it down.


The Birdwatcher said...

A bit windy was it?

Sian said...
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Sian said...

Oh dear at least you pigs are safe... if a little disgruntled! Don't envy you crofting in this weather.

Richard said...

You love it though.

Sian said...

oops Malc - typo in my comment. I'll not dig myself deeper in the mire - but it was supposed to read "your" not "you"! How did the caravan fare?

Reg Pither said...

Just by way of annoying you further, it WAS actually a "nissen hut". A "Nissan hut" is a garage for a Japanese car or a new chain of take-away sushi outlets.
Admit it, Mal, this is just a clumsy insurance fiddle. We all know the pigs stay in the lounge with you.
Having said that, I hope your whicker man hasn't blown away. X

elizabethm said...

We had a double rainbow day today and yesterday I had lunch outside. Mind you on Friday it was so cold, windy and downright awful that even the old pigsty seemed like a haven of peace.

Dave said...

It seems noticeably less windy here in the middle of a housing estate well inland.

I, like the view said...


(hope the same doesn't happen to the roof of your abode. . .)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sounds like your island would be a fantastic place for flying kites! Who needs Ryanair when you could fly to Norway for free in half an hour on the tails of a heavy duty kite!

Donn Coppens said...

That would have been a dangerous agent of impalement were it to strike a multicellular organism?

Man you really have your work cut out for you?

Malc said...


Nice if you like standing at a 45degree angle.


Disgruntled! Very good.
The caravan was fine thanks to the chains and cargo straps holding it down.


There's a certain masochistic pleasure I suppose.


Can't help but feel you know why it's called a nissen hut and no doubt you'll explain at great length next time we meet.
Good bit of subbing though, but if you want me to get this stuff right first time you'll have to start paying me.
The herd send hugs. X


We've had some cracking rainbows just lately. The wind has dropped now, but it's very cold.


There's a lot to be said for it.


There was some ominous rattling at the height of the gale.


More comfortable and better service too.


Couldn't have put it better myself.