Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The long and the incredibly short of it

Listening to: The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Seabear)
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There's a new inmate on the croft. Teddy - now recovered from his foot problem - is, just for a change, feeling a little on the large side.

Merlin, a Shetland owned by our neighbour Mike, has come to stay. He was lonely, Ted was lonely, so it made sense.

Yes, he really is that short. Look. . .

When he first went into the field, Kim the sow - who rarely pays much attention to anyone or anything that doesn't involve food - got up, came out of her hut and could hardly take her eyes off him with a "What the fu. . .?" expression on her face. I know how she felt.

He's a lovely lad, really friendly and he's getting on with Ted like a house on fire (or should that be horse on fire. . . and why do you get on with someone like a house on fire anyway? Seems a bloody silly phrase now I think of it).


Ginni Dee said...

Merlin is so cute!! Kim may have thought he was a new beau for her! It's nice that Teddy has a buddy. Equines are much happier in a herd.

Mig said...

If one is good two is twice as good.
What a darling :)
Glad Teddy's recovered.

Rol said...

Those pics made me smile.

There's an apochryphal story in my family about an elderly relative who, on being woken and told that his house was on fire, rolled over in bed and said, "let the bugger burn".

Sorry, that doesn't really answer your question, does it?

Richard said...

In my experience Shetland tempers can be in inverse proportion to their size! My sister had one until a couple of years ago called Chalky, sadly no longer with us, who could be a right handful when he chose.

Donn Coppens said...

"Horse on Fire" HA!
They're adorable! That is so sweet.
I needed a real feel-good jolt today. Thank you.

Seriously I'm still staring at them..gosh that's cute.

fiwa said...

I go with the noah's ark approach... there must be two of everything or I'm not happy. I'm glad Teddy has a friend.

And thank you for your comment. I was really worried about getting some hate mail from that post, but once again people up and surprised me with how great they are.

Murph said...

I agree with Richard that the normal equation is short stature = short temper.
Look at Oz for example.

ziggi said...

Merlin looks just my type - close to the ground and gorgeous with it - wanna swap?

I, like the view said...

how sweet!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

isn't funny how we feel we have to give animals 'a friend' our tup lamb destined for the freezer is off to live with an old goat tomorrow - 'she could do with a friend' her owner said - somehow I think 'fiend' may be a better description


I had to come back and look again..
gosh they're cute!

Malc said...


I've no idea what Kim thought, but I've rarely seen a pig look more surprised.


Yeah, Ted's a lot better, but we have to be strict with him about grazing. He's got this muzzle thing that stops him pigging out.


No help at all, but glad to have brought a smile to the Hirst face.


Ted has his moments, but he seems a lot happier these days. Merlin's a lovely lad.


Don't mention it - happy to share. They always make me smile when I see them.


I'm like that with beer - two of everything or I'm not happy.

And I can't imagine any right-thinking person disagreeing with what you said. More power to your elbow for standing up for what's right and fair in the world.


Or Spike, for that matter.


Err. . . probably best not. We've two more horses on their way at the end of the month.


Yep, they're just adorable.


If the two ponies are anything to go by, animals are always better in groups. Both lads looked lost and lonely, but are now happy as Wolves fans after a win over West Brom.


Are we going for the Brian Blessed look?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Malc - Glad to make a courtesy call and thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet. So you support Wolves ey? I can see why you had to escape to Orkney but beware... it is said that the spirit of the long gone wolves of yesteryear still stalk those northern isles... and like Samantha Janus they are very partial to pork!

Anonymous said...

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