Friday, 26 September 2008

Peedie pigs

Listening to: Symbol In My Driveway (Jack Johnson)
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Mrs Pig "Farmer" has got Olympic fever and is already training to get in on the inevitable gold rush that will follow in 2012.

I haven't the heart to tell her pig chasing isn't one of the events.

You've no doubt noticed that some of the pigs are out and about, enjoying the fresh air and green grass in the bottom field.

Five of the boys had outgrown their section of the pigshed, the toilet facilities leaving something to be desired, so it was time to move.

As always, a combination of my dithering and the difficulty of actually getting the hardware over to the island meant this all took a lot longer than it should have, but I finally got a hut put up (thanks to Eric), a fence erected (thanks to Marcus) and the electric wire hooked up (all by my little self).

I backed the trailer up to the pigshed door, Mr Hotel Proprietor came up to help and I shook the feed bucket to tempt the lads out. Three of the Ramones (Johnny, Joey and Deedee) and Padraig had no problem with the idea of breakfast in the trailer, but Briggsy needed some considerable coaxing.

A bit of patience got the lad loaded up and we trundled down the lane to the pigs' new quarters. Once out of the trailer, Sal spread more feed out and the boys tucked in while I tightened the electric fence and switched on.

Once they realised they were outside, the lads began a nervous exploration of the paddock, all huddled together in the manner of an under-9s football match.

Eventually they found the electric wire.





. . . and repeat.

A sort of pig pinball.

Eventually four of the pigs realised staying inside the (quite spacious) paddock would be wise, but Johnny Ramone was slower on the uptake.

He zapped his way out and then back in and finally out of the paddock again, jogging off down the field with Mrs P"F" in pursuit.

I gallantly sat down to watch, Sal seeming to have everything under control as she headed Johnny off and encouraged him back to the paddock.

The pig "farmer" repaired the electric wire, switched back on and went to write a letter to the BOC.


Lindsay said...

Great photos. Hope the pigs are enjoying glorious sunshine like the cows and fairly grown-up calves are here in the field behind our house.

Ginni Dee said...

Love the photos! I am cracking up at the pigpinball!! I can picture it in my mind. Mrs. Pig Farmer is quite a good sport!

ziggi said...

it's a fact of farming life (so a pig farmer told me) that the smaller the brain the faster the legs . . .

Denise said...

Hello, I'm a fellow West Midlander who has lived in America for coming up to 33 years, and I adore pigs, so I was happy to find your blog through Lindsay over at Rural Villager. Enjoyed your post very much and look forward to coming back.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Oh, a picture of Sal! Does she know? And I think Ziggi was being a bit rude about her.

Rol said...

And I thought pigs were supposed to be smart.

Malc said...


They were enjoying the sun, but the weather's changed this week.


She's a very good sport - she married me after all.


Sal's legs ain't very fast and I've always been a slowcoach.


Worro Den, 'ow am yer? Actually, it's Sal that's the yam-yam, I just did a 20-year stretch on the local paper.


Yep, but I was barred from using the lovely one of her surrounded by the lads.


Don't believe everything that Orwell fella tells you.

Mig said...

Love the photo of the pig huddle. The massed ears are lovely.