Monday, 1 September 2008

Happy Wanderer

Listening to: Takk... (Sigur Ros)
Birdwatch: Wheatears fluttering up and down the lane
Sorry: I'm banging on about sport again

Football - or, more accurately, Wolverhampton Wanderers - has been a part of my life for just about as long as I can remember.

Like anyone who supports a club whose best days are behind them (Wolves' seemed to end the moment I was born), I've had my fair share of heartache. I haven't been to a game for the best part of three years, so results come and go with little more than a philosophical shrug. Regular readers will have gathered I much prefer rugby these days.

But once in a while the chaps put a great big smile on the pig "farmer's" face. 5-1? 5bloody1? Not only that, but top of the league. I know we're only four games into the season, but isn't this the best time to top the Championship? Glory while the weather's still good and plenty of time (42 games) to escape promotion to the bathtub of pirhana fish that is the English Premiership*.

One small snag. The 5-1 happened to be at the expense of Nottingham Forest - favourite team of my dear pal Reg Pither. Took the shine off it a bit. I feel for him (yeah, I know that's a bit patronising, but I do, so there) not just because his lot got thwacked, but also because he lives in. . . Wolverhampton. Saturday night in the pub must have been fun.

I sent Reg what I hoped was a light-hearted text, but I've had no reply so can only assume he's wisely gone to ground. However, pictures have been released of his reaction at full-time. . .

Sorry mate, could happen to anyone - time to get those European Cup DVDs out and blot it all out, I think.

* I've come to the conclusion that the winners of the Championship should be allowed to be promoted into the league of their choice. Portugal anyone?


susi said...

Why did you have to talk about football? Celtic lost 4- 2 to Rangers yesterday and I am not a happy bunny. But, as you say, plenty of games to go yet for all of us.

I, like the view said...

erm, whatever happened to real life

pig farming and all that

do I come here to read about football? or is there something I need to learn. . . (actually, I can explain the off-side rule!) (HA!)

dunno why I'm jabbering on like this - sorry

hope you're having some nice weather up there


Malc said...


It's a marathon not a sprint etc. . .
Do you think there's a chance an Old firm game could finish with 22 players still on the pitch any time soon?


Yeah, sorry - old habits and all that. That's quite enough football, but it was the most excited I've got about the game for a long time and the chance to josh Pither. Normal service is about to be resumed.

Weather's lovely today - clear views south over Rousay and Orkney Mainland.

Richard said...

Always had a soft spot for Wolves, the perennial under-achievers English football. Could never work out why a team that's boasted Derek Dougan, John Richards, Steve Bull, Willie Carr, Ernie Hunt et al since the war has never done better.

mig bardsley said...

Ah. Football.

Now about that lonely hearts ad.....