Saturday, 20 September 2008

Can we have peas with that?

Listening to: Seldom Seen Kid (Elbow)

The birthday girl chews thoughtfully and says: "Hang on, it's a faggot*."

We're in Martin Wishart's restaurant on Leith waterfront and on very best behaviour. The pig "farmer" has a new shirt on.

Dinner Chez Pig "Farmer" is generally something like this. . .

. . . so it's a bit of a culture shock to find ourselves in one of Edinburgh's finest restaurants.

We've booked in for lunch and expect the most basic of treatment - the menu is dead simple, two choices for each course, so we expect a light lunch with a glass or two of wine.

Having ordered they decide we need to be kept out of trouble and are presented with a dish of 'nibbles' including a curried cabbage tartlet (about the size of a 50p), a pumpkin mousse (very nice indeed), what appeared to be a Subbuteo** football stuffed with something mushroomy and what the waiter described as "a haggis bon-bon" (!).

I really like haggis, but Mrs P"F" has always shied away, so this is a first and, true to form, she says the first thing that comes into her head, quite loudly.

Resisting the urge to order curry sauce, we press on through another little extra (a foie gras creme brulee), game ravioli, a squid ink risotto, beef shin, celeriac mash, cod loin, chocolate beignets and ice cream. We have a cracking time that becomes more cracking the further down the pricey, but excellent bottle of Argentinian Viogner we progress.

I pay the bill without a tremor and we head off for pints of real ale, taking in a couple of 'sights' from the Rebus novels on the way.

Neither of us feel too good on the Aberdeen-Kirkwall ferry next day.

And the pig "farmer" got gravy (sorry - truffle jus) down his shirt.

* faggot = a sort of pig offal meatball, a speciality of the Black Country in the English Midlands. Usually served with peas.

** Subbuteo = a table football game, the name coming from the Latin name for a hobby - a bird of prey. Geddit?


Murph said...

** No?

susi said...

Peter Adolph, the inventor of Subbuteo, wanted to call the game "Hobby" but the patents office people said that name was too vague, hence the conversion to Latin.

Not many people know that - or, indeed, would need to - but it was in The Times so therefore must be true.

Richard said...

Haggis bon-bon? With neaps and tatties?

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Faggots are also very popular in Wales (and very tasty too I might add...)

Ginni Dee said...

Your meal sounds very yummy and rather adventurous. The word "offal" is a bit off-putting...but otherwise it sounds lovely!

Love the photos of your porcine kids!!

KAZ said...

Sounds like El Bulli to me.

Mig said...

Well a haggis is just a big faggot isn't it? With more pepper and a bit of oatmeal?
It all sounds scrummy anyway :)

I, like the view said...

hope you had a wonderful time. . .

cinder toffee day chez moi


Malc said...


Because table football is a hobby? No? I know, it's not that good, is it?


Where would we be without the Murdoch empire?


That's neep and tattie in this case.


So I believe, but try telling that to anyone from the Black Country (like Mrs Pig "Farmer").


It was terrific - a real treat. But I couldn't eat like that all the time.


There's only one Bulli that counts in our house - ooh Bully Bully!


And sheep instead of pig, but it's a fine way of using up some pretty off-putting bits.


We did indeed. I'll be over later.