Saturday, 16 August 2008

Red, red whine

Listening to: I Sing I Swim (Seabear)

OK, keep the noise down, no naked flames, stand well back, make sure the toilet is available at all times - the pig "farmer" has a hangover. In fact, I haven't felt this bad since the day after Reg Pither challenged me to a game of vodka snooker in Wolverhampton's Revolution Bar.

Mrs SPF and meself tied one on last night and I broke "The Rule". We had friends around and the beer ran out at about midnight. I should have called it a day, made a nice cup of tea and toddled off to bed.

Instead, like an idiot, I opened a bottle of red wine and we got stuck in. I vaguely recall our friends leaving and the only indication I went to bed is that I woke up there this morning. Mrs SPF is an interesting shade of green and is spending altogether too much time in the bathroom.

I may never drink again.


fiwa said...

Hard to believe we used to do that on a regular basis, isn't it?

PS, your neighbor wants to know, are those your underpants flying like a flag from the roof of the pig shed?

snailbeachshepherdess said...

til the next time......

I eventually did that tag thingy ...and so did 18 others its on the PC Chatroom page

mig bardsley said...

It seems so right at the time :)
(But I suppose you don't remember that bit)

Dave said...

I have never had a hangover, he says smugly.

KAZ said...

...........until the next time.

elizabethm said...

Oh, so much sympathy. I should learn, I am getting on for Christ's sake, but still, every now and then, not so much these days but not a year will pass without that extra bottle calls.
Hope you are feeling better now.

Ginni Dee said...

I just had a flashback of my younger days. Yeah, no thanks...I quit that stuff a long time ago.

Well, until the next time. ;-)

Ginni Dee said...

P.S. I just wanted you to know that the song Red, Red Wine has been running thru my mind ever since I read your blog this afternoon. And I wanted to comment on your photo in your's amazing! If that's your view, I'm very jealous and maybe a similar shade of green to your lovely Mrs. but just for a different reason.

Beth said...

I have been told there are some amazing people who do learn that 'never again' lesson...

Luckily, I don't know any of them...

Anonymous said...

You do not know pain until you have experienced the horror of the morning after a night spent playing Arrogance with Vodka Beers. Yes, you heard me. Vodbeers.

Last time I got drunk off red wine I was very sick and thought I was bleeding internally. Took me a little while to work out what the redness was really about...

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

"I may never drink again." -- Famous last words!

Malc said...


Actually, I've nearly always avoided red wine, which makes this all the more inexcusable.


Funny you should say that. . .


So right. . . we were (I'm told) singing along to The Dubliners, using the kitchen table as the percussion section.


You're not drinking enough.


Guinness by the river in Inverness yesterday.


Much better thanks. The lure of the forbidden bottle is strong, even at our age.


Can't tempt you to a G&T before dinner. The view on the header is from the patio at the front of the house I've just finished building.


There are? Really? Goodness me!


Vodbeers? Is that anything like Whisklagers or Bacardiciders?


. . . or "I told you I was ill."