Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy stuff

Listening to: Dog Train (The Levellers)
Hoping for: sunshine in Shropshire

Mrs Sort-of Pig Farmer and father-in-law Ray are away in Shropshire for today's wedding of her nephew Tom to the lovely Shelley. I would have gone, but the pigs get airsick.

Tom is a smashing lad and son to my great pals Martin and Kathy (who joined me surfing with the seals here last autumn and usually give me a bed on trips south).

Unusually, the groom's dad is making a speech, so Mart has been sweating over a hot keyboard with the Bumper Book of Wedding Jokes at hand.

He somehow found time to send me this link:

Thanks Mart. . . and love and good luck to Tom and Shelley. Keep Mrs SPF away from the tequila. We don't want another Workington incident.


Dave said...

My daughter is getting married soon. Am also sweating over speech (unaccustomed, as I am, to public speaking...).

fiwa said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. I think they're missing out though, the pigs would make smashing flower girls.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

mmmmm wasnt in a village near me was it? Just seen a load of drunken after wedding folks staggering about on the A488! There's one word for the show you queried ....DIRE! 'Dont make me go please mum pleeeeeeze' says it all really

Anonymous said...

Umm...I didn't mention this before as I thought you would notice and make the correction. But the grammarian in me has to point out that, over to the right, in your sidebar bit about Tesco and have a comma superfluous to requirement.
Oh, yes...I hope your elbow is again bendable.And that your good lady eschews the tequila. And that the pigs behave.

KAZ said...

"Even Mugabe's more popular than me".

Best wishes to Tom & Shelley.

annpajess said...

Mrs SPF enjoyed herself last night in sunny Wem - without any Tequilla but with too much wine unfortunately!! Hope you have managed to keep those pigs in check. Love Ann & Paul
P.S. We'll regularly have a look at your blog now we've actually saved the address to our favourites, memory loss is a strange thing!!

Daphne said...

Enjoyed the post as always - - - when I'd stopped staring enviously at the glorious photo at the top.

Malc said...


Careful, you may smudge the ink.


I dread to think what would have happened at the buffet.


Don't think so - the wedding was in Dawley and the do at Wroxeter Hotel.


Yeah, strictly speaking I suppose, but I just felt it reads better and if you can't break the odd rule now and then. . . That's if you mean the first one. the second one is there because it is 'house style' for captions in most UK newspapers.


I was in tears and helpless by the end. There are other versions using the same footage, but that's the sharpest by far.


Sal tells me she had a smashing time. I didn't know there was such a thing as too much wine. Thanks for looking after her.


It's a lovely spot jt around the corner from the islands best (only) surf spot.

Anonymous said...


This is Tom (as in Tom & Shelley)

Thankyou for your kind comments, as a wedding present we got a small plot of land in the Lochaber Highlands (near Fort William), this gives us somewhere to camp & rights on the lake on the estate to kayak & fish & stuff.

This just gives us more of an excuse to come & see you next year. As we will have a good stop off point on the way. So hopefully next year we will get up there and have a swim with the seals aswell.

Also, as we own land in Scotland we are a Lord and Lady, so best start practising your curtsey, mind you by that logic you should be Lord Wannabe Pig Farmer.

Cheers Malc, I love reading this blog and spend many days stuck at work, jealous of your adventures.


lettuce said...

pigs as flower girls would be good - but even better as ring-bearers

"with a ring at the end of his nose, his nose..." etc.

I've spotted a graduation from "trainee" to "sort of" pig farmer. Congrats here too?

Anonymous said...

bloogy brilliant, that link!

FirstNations said...

congrats and happys!

mig bardsley said...

Congratulations to the family.
(shame the pigs couldn't go - I could imagine them in cummerbunds:)

Brilliant link :) I'm still sniggering.