Saturday, 30 August 2008

GSOH required

Listening to: Traffic In The Sky (Jack Johnson)
Lifting: spuds
Finally: edible carrots

Lonely heart. . .

Single Saddleback sow, aged two, NS, WLTM mature boar-about-town for adult fun and occasional outings. Interests include eating, growling, busting through fences, being generally awkward and giving the sort-of pig farmer a hard time.

Please someone - Molly needs male attention. . . desperately.


garfer said...

Does he come with complimentary apple sauce?

garfer said...


Ginni Dee said...

I know a couple of boars but I doubt that either would be interested in a porcine hook-up...but you never know!

Geoff said...

A nice bit of crackling?

Richard said...

Put that on a real dating site with a picture and you really would get no end of offers. Unfortunately none from the right kind of old boar.

Anonymous said...

I think pithers is the man for the job, I won't say anything else in case I incur his wrath

elizabethm said...

Could you not just let her escape for a few days and see what happens? Sorry, no, clearly not a stockman (or stockwoman for that matter). But there must be some sort of creature roaming free up there which would do the honours.

KAZ said...

"NS, WLTM mature boar-about-town for adult fun and occasional outings" sounds like my significant other who also likes growling and being generally awkward.

Any reasonable offer accepted.

The Birdwatcher said...

If I posted that on the Buxton RUFC website there would be a few takers

I, like the view said...

me too! (WLTM) please pass on any learning tips she acquires along the way

Malc said...


If the right offer comes along. Actually I don't really like apple sauce. A splash of cider in the gravy is a different matter.


Thanks for that insight into your social life!


Perhaps you'd like to ask her rind to your place?


There's a lot of weird out there.


. . . and speaking of weird.


Sadly there's only one boar on the island and he's unavailable at present.


You've heard nothing 'til you've heard a full-grown pig growl - think 'grunt' plus a couple of days in the BBC radiophonic workshop. It's like a giant echo chamber in there.


Don't drag me into your personal hell.


I'm pretty sure you and Molly have different tastes.

mig bardsley said...

A splash of cider in Molly's gravy maybe?