Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Author! Author?

Listening to: Cookie Jar (Jack Johnson)
Anyone know: how to mend a toilet flush thingy?
Weather: bright and breezy

A quick reading recommendation (prompted by a recent comment by 123...123's Ziggi). Scenes From A Smallholding by Chas Griffin is a great read and not just for smallholders/crofters/allotment holders.

Chas and his family bought a smallholding in Wales in the early 1990s and have had all the pitfalls we've found and many more. It's funny, sensible and when friends (who have more faith in my writing ability than I do) suggest I write a book, I point them in Chas's direction. Buy it, read it, then read the sequel More Scenes From A Smallholding.

Chas doesn't really understand pigs, so he'd be no help with our latest problem. We tried to put Molly outside again yesterday, into the nice paddock with Kim.

She wasn't having any of it, turning and running as soon as Kim emerged. We tried encouragement, bribery, force - nothing worked. So she's back in her pen in the pigshed and we need that space. I tried to put the two gilts Little Kim and Sock in with her, but she became very aggressive.

So I'm back to gradually integrating the boys. Kim's Deedee and Tommy are in with Molly's Briggsy and Padraig, while Kim's other two boys Johnny and Joey will join them in a day or two. Then we'll look to getting them all outside - after all, it's proving to be a lovely summer.


Lindsay said...

Do not like your choice of music today! I sung along with Johnnie Walker and Deadly to 'Sailor' earlier in the morning on Radio 2.

We have horrible new loo flushes that work by air pressure - the tubes keep blowing off. Stick to old-fashioned plumbing and ballcocks!!

fiwa said...

I'll put that book on my reading list, assuming I can find it in the library.

Hmpf. I had no idea animals were so territorial and picky about who they room with. I guess I tend to think it's all like disney, with the animals have tea parties when you're not looking.

Good luck - I can't wait to hear how this turns out.

Daphne said...

Lovely summer? Not in Yorkshire it's not. The sun comes out and we think - - ah - - summer - - Then it rains. Lots. Every day. I am really very bored with rain.

I, like the view said...


*happy sigh8

I want to come and live on your island: no idea what to do about the pigs, but I'd be very very happy with that view everynowandagain (weather permitting)


I, like the view said...

(sigh8 being a new word I've invesnted to celebr8 the occasion)

Dave said...

Wimmin, eh?

mig bardsley said...

And to think Molly was so sweet natured and inoffensive when she first arrived :)

She'll be demanding safe lodgings in the house next!