Thursday, 10 July 2008


Listening to: Oro Se Do Bhaeatha' Bhaile (Dubliners' version)
Killing time: before a haircut

There's always something. No matter how long you spend getting stuff ready for a trip (in my case a single bag of clothes), there's always something left behind.

This time it's socks. I have a comfy pair of Hi-Tec work socks on my feet, but all others are sitting in what I fancifully refer to as my sock drawer in the caravan, in the barn, on the croft, 20 miles away on Westray. And tomorrow afternoon they'll be 600 miles away.


I'm away south for the first time in. . . err. . . six months? My lad is 18 on Monday so I don't want to miss out on the chance to let him buy me a pint or two.

I'm in Kirkwall at the minute, but it's off and away via Aberdeen and a sock shop to Birmingham, then an overnight in Wolverhampton to catch up with old chum Grantham New Town's Reg Pither (stomach pump in attendance) and off to Shrewsbury to see the offspring.

I'll be back on Westray on Wednesday, ready to lay the concrete floor in the kitchen, but just for a few days it's good to get away.

I can't remember whether I've said this before, but folk on our part of the island refer to a trip to the village as going 'north', while going 'south' could be just about anywhere beyond Kirkwall. So 'north' is Pierowall and 'south' is the equally important rest of the world.

There's something so right about that.


Lindsay said...

Love your blog - have only just come across it - so will be reading with interest!

Arabella said...

tlvhztSafe trip and do pass on a hello to Reg before you both get completely blathered.

Brad said...

Malc, Please give Reg a hard time for me for not posting. He coming up on a month with nothing.

You two make up half of the male population on my blog roll.

Ginni Dee said...

Ditto what Brad said...give Reg a hard time for me too! I miss him. Tell him Rosie misses him too!

Have a safe trip and just remember, it was only socks! It could have been something much more expensive or necessary!

mig bardsley said...

Have a great trip :)
Looking forward to travelers' tales on Weds :)

Dave said...

Wave as you go past Norfolk.