Saturday, 12 July 2008

The pig farmer is stood up

Listening to: Melting Pot (The Charlatans)
Isn't it: noisy down south?

"Sorry mate, won't be about this weekend after all - going to London."

I have that effect on people.

I had been due to spend an evening in the company of my old chum Grantham New Town's Reg Pither. We'd planned a few beers, some heavily spiced food and then back to his to gather around the gramaphone to listen to Now That's What I Call Oompah Music 36.

Then the text came. A bit of a blow, but the pig "farmer" bounced back and, rather than wander the streets of Wolverhampton sobbing "why, Reg, why?" I called Mr and Mrs W and I'm now cosily tucked up aboard HMS Ark Royal, the only sofa visible from outer space.

I also caught up with some old pals. Big Danny, Little Dave and Medium Jim reminded me just how much fun I could be having if I was still working as an evening newspaper hack. Later I have a feeling I invited everyone in the Combemere Arms to spend the rest of the summer on Westray - may have cause to regret that one.

So, despite at least seven pints of Guinness and a Chinese lemon chicken, I'm remarkably perky and the day is my own until I meet my 15-year-old at 6pm.

What shall I do?


I, like the view, still said...

*scratches head*


(only kidding)

find a local library and read a few snatches of some authors you've never tried?

do they have good charity shops where you are?

a Ploughman's and a pint at lunch in a cozy pub with some of the friends you didn't manage to drag out last night?

watch a local village green cricket match (obviously, I've never been to Wolverhampton, so this might make you guffaw, or I might have hit the nail on the head)

find a florist that does InterFlora and send Sal a bunch of flowers so she knows how much you miss her?

stand in a record shop, listening to samples of music that the yoof of today have on in the backgrounds to their lives?

rest and relax (while you have the opportunity)on a park bench feeding some pigeons and if it has a pond find a toy shop, buy a little sailing boat, and watch it be becalmed in the middle of said pond?

whatever it is, I hope you have fun and know you'll have a fab time later when you hook up with your boy


I, like the view, still said...

(oh, ok, I really should learn to read these in chronological order)



I, like the view, still said...

der. . .


now I've read all the way to the bottom, I see you'll have bought them already by now


Geoff said...

I had 7 pints of Guinness once. But it was a musical showcase at Crayford Town Hall including Microdisney and Eyeless In Gaza so it was a weird night all round. Now the town hall is used exclusively for psychic fayres.

fiwa said...

I bet he stood you up coz of that meme you assigned to him. ;)

Happy 18th to your lad. HOpe you enjoy your visit.


susi said...

I wouldn't worry about the possible invitation to spend the summer - if everyone in the Combemere Arms had also had seven pints they probably think you invited them to West Ham or West Hartlepool not Westray.

Betty said...

A bit late I know, but here are a few suggestions:

1. Visit Dudley Zoo. Most depressing day out ever. Will stop you from feeling homesick for the Midlands.

2. Visit the Mander Centre. This used to be an exciting day out for me when I was a kid!



am trying to think of areas of outstanding natural beauty in the West Midlands.


will have to get back to you. Hope you have enjoyed yourself, nonetheless.

Ginni Dee said...

I tried Guinness once. Whoa!!!

I hope you found something fun to do in your free time.

I must say, I'm disappointed too, that you didn't get to see Reg! I was hoping you'd convince him to get busy blogging again! I sure miss his posts.

Malc said...


Library idea a good one, although I'm not impressed by the libraries in Wolverhampton or Shrewsbury.
Charity shops?? I'm a bloke.
Pub? Now you're talking and that was what I settled for.
Wolverhampton Cricket Club is quite picturesque - hard as it may be to imagine.
Would love to sell flowers, but the nearest interflora to home is in Kirkwall. I'd probably get there first.
I did hang around HMV for a while.
No park bench, but I had a pleasant walk by the river in Shrewsbury before meeting the "little 'un".


I went to Crayford once to watch a speedway match between the Crayford Kestrels and the Peterborough Panthers.


Many of the locals in the Comby would have trouble finding their bum cheeks with both hands let alone locating Westray on the map.


Last time I went to Dudley Zoo it was for the annual Press Christmas Ball - black tie job.
I did go to the Mander Centre to buy the boy a couple of last minute gifts (Wolves mug, iPod cover, book, DVD etc). It was a pretty ghastly experience. Is it just me, or is everyone getting uglier?
Outstanding natural beauty in the West Midlands? The inside of the Combemere and there's this girl I used to know. . .


Only once? Shame on you.
Reg's lack of blogging activity is, I suspect, down to the new job. He's a busy boy.

mig bardsley said...

Any good pig farms round there?
Oh, this was yesterday. Hope you had a very nice day and a great time with your son :)

ziggi said...

heck I seem to have missed you going and now no doubt you're back - well hope you had fun in the south although I think technically you were still north.

Happy Birthday to your boy. You can sit back relax and consider it a job well done.

Malc said...


I had a very nice day as it happens - doing not very much in the sunshine.


Yes, I'm back. And we had a grand old time.