Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Does this hurt?

Listening to: All My Colours (Echo and the Bunnymen)
It's: a hazy day today

I'm in the surgery and I'm not filled with confidence when, after some time spent pulling and prodding my injured arm, the doc looks up 'elbow' on Wikipedia.

Resisting the temptation to point at the offending joint and ask "is this what you're looking for?" I wait for his considered opinion.

I've been suffering ever since I delivered piglets Spot and Splodge to Sally's colleague Toni at Marwick on Orkney Mainland. Spot, an easy-going customer, had required the minimum of wrestling to get him from trailer to pen, but Splodge was about as co-operative as the Thatcher government discussing the coal industry.

I climbed in through the trailer's front door, grabbed both legs and heaved him towards the opening. As I inched back out, he took advantage of a moment's lack of concentration and pulled the other way - hard - slamming me down on the floor of the trailer, my left elbow taking most of the impact.

The day after I was sore everywhere, but once everything else had eased up, the arm was still giving me considerable problems, so I reluctantly took Mrs Sort-of Pig Farmer's advice and booked in at the quack.

Using the picture on Wikipedia to explain (see, there was a perfectly logical explanation after all), he tells me he doesn't believe it's broken, chipped or cracked, but I have damaged the tendons and muscle and it's going to be sore for a few days. Strap it up, take the painkillers and grit teeth, basically.


Betty said...

Ooof. I felt a twinge in the wrist I broke last year in sympathy. I hope the doctor has given you Codeine. I was on a cocktail of Codeine, Nurofen and Paracetemol, if I remember correctly. All my colours really did turn to cloud.

Zimbo, zimbo, zimbo, zimbo, zimbo.

Murph said...

My old Grandad always used to recommend Elbow Grease.

fiwa said...

Ouch! I bet that hurts like hell. I hope you can take it easy for a few days.

I love the new photo in your header.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

I dont know how to tell you this i wont ...except to say 'join the gang...the wonky elbow gang' ...still recovering ..19 months on ....NINETEEN! Dr's don't like elbows!

lampworkbeader said...

That elbow sounds sore....but if you will try pig wrestling?

Malc said...


Sadly, the doc just recommended ibuprofen, so no early-80s psychedelic experience for this pig farmer.


That's some weird indie-gay-musical crossover we haven't heard of this far north.

Spike's grandad liked grease too.


Easy? No way at this time of year.

The photo is from the door of my local - holds a special place in my heart.


Thanks for the encouragement!


It's easier than trying to reason with them.

Dave said...

*Waves, from drug-induced euphoria* (I'm suffering a kidney stone at present).

Z said...

That's a splendid picture on Wikipedia. Hope the elbow gets better soon.

I'm surprised that Murph let slip the opportunity to make a humerus comment.

The Birdwatcher said...

Dangerous things doctors. Mrs BW believes in trying to get me to go along on a regular basis. I agree with her. We are now trying to agree on the definition of regular. She thinks this should be every six months (They hold well men clinics or something). I am inclined to once a decade.

I, like the view said...


poor you. . .

hope you can still pick up a pint?


(if not, is it possible to use a straw?)

elbows are really sensitive, aren't they, cos there's no padding; next time perhaps you might dress in protective gear, like an American footballer - or a trainee skateboarder! failing that, how about tranquilising the piglets. . .

hope that Mrs S-o-TPF is giving you lovely massages and hot water bottles and the like


(and that photo is absolutely stunning)

Lindsay said...

Hope your elbow gets better soon. As a child I called it an 'obell'. Hope you have those naughty pigs under control.

What music today?

mig bardsley said...

We have elbow issues in our household too. (It does seem odd for a thatcher to have tennis elbow but it seems they often do)
Definitely worth giving it a good rest.