Monday, 30 June 2008

Better late than. . .

Here, at last, is my 'go' at the meme passed on by the lovely I Like The View, Still.

Five things I've always wanted:

To see Wolves win the FA Cup.
To be a farmer.
To write good fiction.
To live on a small, remote island.
To drive a steam railway engine.

Five things I'm currently into:

Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow.
Pigs (obviously).
Watching the funny dent in my thumbnail progress towards the tip of my thumb.
Football tournaments that don't feature England.
Sending threatening letters to Tesco boss Terry Leahy.

Five favourite things in my room:

V-shaped pillow.
Very snug dressing gown.
Shanghai RFC rugby shirt.

Five things in my pockets (not bag, you note, don't expect me to go all metro-sexual at my time of life):

Baler twine.
Wire clippers.
Two Scottish pound notes.
A receipt for diesel (£1.51 a litre!).
A couple of fence staples.

Well, you did ask!

Update: ILTVS has reminded me I should 'tag' five other people. I don't usually, but seeing as how it's her I'll tag Fiwa, Ginni Dee, Snailbeachshepherdess, Brad and (to annoy him) Reg Pither.


KAZ said...

But Wolves did win the FA cup.
They beat my team Blackburn Rovers 3 -0 in 1960.
I went to all the matches up to the semi final. I watched the final on TV.
I was (of course) in my pram at the time.

I, like the view, still said...

interesting lists!

(you have to tag five other people too, you know)

Geoff said...

Football tournaments that don't feature England are the way forward. So much more enjoyable. Can we get McClaren back?

ziggi said...

baler twine eh? wonderful stuff. my whole set up is held together with baler twine, chewing gum and hope!

fiwa said...

"don't expect me to go all metro-sexual at my time of life.." man purse for you, huh?

Brad said...

Hold on a minute, sally's in your room and your blogging ? What's wrong with this picture ?

dinahmow said...

And how come you list Sally at #5. Oops!
No, wait! This is "writing fiction" thing, isn't it?

mig bardsley said...

Useful selection of pocket stuff. Were you ever a boy scout?

Assuming your tales of life on the edge are true, you already write very good non-fiction :)

Malc said...


Yeah, but I was born a year later. The brave boys in gold and black also won it in 1893, 1908 and 1949, the last being immortalised in Monty Python's Communist Leaders Quiz Show routine: "No, it was Wolverhampton Wanderers who beat Leicester 3-1."

And there was me thinking you were an Evertonian.


All right then, I'll do an update.


Hasn't some poor unfortunate Dutch team signed him as manager?


Most of the buildings on the croft are held together with baler twine - including the house.


Definitely not. Definitely.


Draw your own conclusions.


Should've said 'in no particular order'.


Not a boy scout, an army cadet which means I can fire a 14-pounder cannon and play the bugle (though not at the same time).

mig bardsley said...

Oh well now I'm overwhelmed with admiration. The bugle!!!
(canons I don't understand)

ziggi said...

"the croft"
I wonder if I could call 'here' the croft?? What d'you need to have a croft?

fiwa said...

I don't mind being tagged - it's worth it to see that you tagged Reg! Oh my... can't wait to see the post that generates.

Ginni Dee said...

I was just thinking the same thing as Fiwa...I can't wait to see Reg's meme lists! heh..heh..heh

I am honored, tho and will proceed asap! Come check out my blog this afternoon, I'll have it done by then. I'm in the middle of weeding and just came in for my iPod. I'll get to it later.

Enjoyed reading your meme...I'll have to check out Elbow!

Malc said...


I was, in fact, bugle sergeant - or is that blowing my own trumpet?


A croft is a Scottish smallholding. There are legal restrictions governing the use of the land. It's also hard to get a mortgage on one, so we bought ours with a suitcase full of used fivers.
I suppose you could have a croft in Wiltshire, but it might involve voting SNP.


I've only just plucked up the courage to tell him.


Seldom Seen Kid is terrific. As Richard over at Goat Food said: "If you buy only one album this year. . . "

In my view, it's up there with Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zep IV, Sgt Pepper and Now 36.

I, like the view, still said...

how bizarre. . .

. . .I must have lost the memory of this as a result of it taking place during the ECT sessions; what a delight to return and reread it!


and I did wonder where I got the thought of DSOtM in my head from, I thought it was from Cultural Snow, but obviously not - from you!