Monday, 19 May 2008

It's no yolk

Listening to: Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley and The Wailers)
Weather: lovely
Little pigs are: 'beefing up' nicely

Snailbeachshepherdess has pointed out that, in Shropshire at least, a yolk-less 'cock's egg' such as I found on the floor of hen house the other day is considered bad luck.

Pshaw! I thought. What tosh, balderdash and nonsense. I don't believe in stuff like that. Besides, I live in Orkney, having left Shropshire's charming hills and valleys, cosy pubs and ghastly Tory MPs behind a year ago.

Why I'm surprised that the water supply failed for the umpteenth time this morning I don't know. The only thing that it had going for it was that it failed just AFTER I'd had a bath.

The pump on the well in the bottom field had decided that a 12-hour day was a bit too much and has packed up. There's nothing to be done apart from put a new one on and take a bit more care with it - either by fitting a float switch or switching it on only when we need it (like when we are running a bath).

I've ordered another pump, but it won't be here for a couple of days, so we are having to rough it. First priority was to make sure the pigs have enough to drink. My stepson Pat and I have just got back from filling buckets from the well - quite a pleasant job in the warm sunshine. I've put another bucket of water in the toilet to fill up the tank and now I'm off to fill up some containers with drinking water.

As far as washing is concerned, I'm planning to spend a little more time with Eric and Ernie over the next couple of days, hoping nobody will notice which of us smells the most.


Richard said...

A cock's egg, eh? Now there's a thing.

ziggi said...

*sniff* *sniff*

doesn't smell too bad round here yet.

fiwa said...

Ouch - that's tough luck. Will you be sleeping with the lads as well? After a couple of days of no baths i bet you will....

Ginni Dee said...

I just hope you don't offend the boys!


mig bardsley said...

I'm just off to have a nice hot shower.
Perhaps it'll rain on you and the boys, wonderfully refreshing stuff, rain:)

FirstNations said...

wow! i look away and its nothing but baby piggies all over the place as soon as i return! congratulations! that has to be so gratifying. well done.

...whats that...smell?