Friday, 16 May 2008

Can we fix it?

Listening to: a bit of punk and plenty of reggae (detox from all the prog rock)
Weather: still lovely
My ears are: sunburnt
Wild things: gannets, guillemots, kittiwakes, arctic terns, dolphins off Noup Head

Eric and Ernie's last days are proving to be happy ones. They have a big paddock, regular meals, the weather is lovely, they have a water trough to tip over several times a day and a hut to slowly demolish.

The lads have been making some 'improvements', adding to the ventilation by busting some of the planks off the sides. All well and good in the daytime when it has been quite warm, but night-time temperatures are still chilly and I don't want the pigs losing weight and condition at this late stage.

So I grasped hammer and nails and stepped over the electric fence for a quick repair job. There was some timber lying around, but not very much. Certainly not enough to cover the gap - I didn't like to ask where the rest had gone.

So I got more wood and was about to fix it on when the pigs emerged from the crater they had been digging, realising that something interesting and quite possibly edible was happening.

Ever tried to repair a pig hut while two near fully-grown pigs snuffle and barge at you? It's not that easy. Having decided that the plank, hammer and nails weren't worth eating, they turned their attention to my boots and - more alarmingly - my trousers.

When the nibbling and tugging approached my gentleman's zone I decided enough was enough and retreated, covered in pig slobber and swearing lustily. Bob the Builder never has to put up with this kind of treatment.

Later I went to collect the eggs. The hens have been on good form lately. We get four eggs most days, sometimes five and the day before yesterday there were seven.

Last night there were four and this. . .

. . . any ideas?


Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Fix what?

Malc said...

Hang on a minute. Blogger decided to publish before I'd written anything.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

I think you have a pheasant egg
! They are yummy and creamy...

Or if you don't have pheasants up there, some other sort of wild bird?

susi said...

One of our hens occasionally lays a very tiny egg (with no yolk) - I've no real idea why but a book on hens suggests this can be due to "a sudden shock"(!?)Have you shocked any of your hens recently? Indeed, what might be shocking to a hen?

Richard said...

Was it in with the hens? couldn't it just be a small one? I don't suppose there's any reason why now and again there shouldn't be a deformed one.

Betty said...

" ... covered in pig slobber and swearing lustily ..."

Well, that should see your Google search visitor numbers improve by about 500 per cent at least.

patroclus said...

I think there has been an episode of karmic imbalance.

mig bardsley said...

Looks like pheasant to me. But they usually lay quite a few so maybe it's the shock thing.

I hope those boys don't regret their interference if the weather changes :)

Dolphins! wow!

Ginni Dee said...

If you have brown egg laying chickens, it's probably from one of them. Eggs come in all sizes from the same chicken. If it was from a shock, maybe Eric and Ernie messing with your trousers threatening to expose your "gentleman's zone" gave the girls a thrill, thus causing one of them to eject a little weird egg!

That pic of the babies is wonderful...they are really growing, aren't they!

Dave said...

I think it's a hand.

Virgin Porker said...

Ernie's left testicle?

Malc said...


No pheasants - not much cover. I did think of a wild bird, but it was on the floor of the hen house and looks just like a mini hens egg.


I can't think of anything. Owen is out and about quite a bit, but he ignores the hens and they are used to him.


No reason at all, I suppose.


Anything to boost the readership and massage my ego.


It won't help me when I want to dip my soldiers tomorrow morning.


The hut is all fixed up, although Eric was using it to scratch himself this afternoon, so I reckon I'll need to re-repair it.


Yes, the little tykes are expanding rapidly, Kim's especially. They take after their mother.


Thanks. I don't know what we'd do without you.


It's been missing for a long time if it is. Where's the other?

snailbeachshepherdess said...

hate to write this ...but it is what is known round here as a 'cock's egg' yolk..seemingly unlucky, perhaps a first egg?

fiwa said...

I've always thought the pigs were much scarier than the chickens. Betty's comment cracked me up - I hope you track the searches so we can see what this brings.

Congratulations on the number of eggs - that's great. Are you going to try the little one and see what it is?

Malc said...


Oh dear - read the next post.


Pigs I can handle, even grumpy sows, but hens freak me out.

We'll try the egg this week.